RERA versus NCDRC Who will protect home buyers better

RERA or NCDRC Select Best Option to Protect your Consumer Rights

You can file the complaint in real estate for any disagreements done for us in both Acts of laws one is RERA (Regulation and Development Act) and other NCDRC (National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission Act). From below points, you can know the best option to file a complaint in real estate disputes.

First, let us know about the recent amendments to Real Estate Regulation and Development Act which are additions to the list of irregularities in the present legal systems. The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Act made strong rules against builders and get benefits from home buyers. As per experts, RERA act is necessary to file complaints and remove disputes in real estate. On the other hand, NCDRC or any other forum actions are used only for relief of consumers for their filed claims.

RERA or NCDRC choose correct Act

In the real-estate development sector –any defect services related to real estate should be deposited under the recent RERA act which came in to force. All registered housing projects can claim the corresponding amount with all complaints filed by the hearing officer and authority of RERA act. Distressed people can complain not only on a builder but also on the buyer. If any real estate agent will have a part in the sale of such projects, he/she comes under this complaint file as well. So with the implementation of RERA, the burden of other consumer courts and NCRDC are expected to be reduced in real estate industry, said Ameet Hariani, a managing partner.

After a brief conversation, we came to know that if at all a case has been filed against the order and issuance of authority, the stake holders can make aware that this act has the rights to penalize on disagreement builders or promoters. So the practice of following the RERA rules can bestow confidence to those who are in the real estate development sector.

--Shailaja K