Hussain Sagar Nala Strengthening Works

Rs 68.4 Crores Fund Approved for Hussain Sagar Nala Strengthening Works

The state government decided to help and take requisite steps for solving the problems of the flood-affected families in Hyderabad.

Financial Aid of State for Strengthening Nalas

 Rs 68.4 crore was approved by the state government for upgrading Nala from Hussain Sagar to Musi River at Golnaka, Mayor Bonthu Rammohan said on Wednesday 28th Oct.

Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao assured the affected families during the inspection of flood-hit areas in Golnaka a few days ago that the necessary steps would be taken to solve the problem by constructing a retaining wall up to one kilometer from the Nallakunta Fever Hospital to the Musi River.

The Mayor visited Nallakunta town with MLA Kaleru Venkatesh along with Zonal Commissioner B Srinivas Reddy and other officials as per the Minister's instructions. He interacted with the affected families in the area and added that they would Strengthen the retaining wall 8 km from Hussain Sagar.