5 Best Summer Décor Ideas for 2021

5 Best Summer Décor Ideas for 2021

After a bright and blissful spring, finally, we are all set to welcome the summer season. The breezy season of florals, pastels, sweet and summery shades, and everything cool, pleasant, and intricate is finally here, and we just can't keep calm. 

To welcome this season in all its charm and beauty, the best thing you can do is to begin redesigning your living space. The year 2020 has transformed our way of working, living, and managing our homes. Many of us are still confined to our homes, and remote jobs have become the new normal. 

Needless to say that this is the perfect time to give a refreshing boost to our living spaces and make them appear livelier, comfortable, luxurious, and alluring. This blog will take you through some of the best home decor ideas, especially summer decor ideas that you can easily follow in your living space and for your walls. 

Best Home Decor Ideas for the Living Space

Our haven should be our heaven. To make it appear like the one, it’s essential to make it super comfy, cozy, warm, and a place that exudes comforting and soothing vibes. It should be a place that feels more or less like a warm embrace, a place where you can be at ease and just relax, a space that truly feels like home in every sense of the term. Get into the groove and beautify your living space with these eye-dazzling home décor ideas.

In the current situation, homes are also doubling up and becoming workplaces as well. It’s crucial to revamp your living space accordingly so that it bursts with energy and vibrancy. Your home should be overflowing with comfort and coziness, especially in summers, and for that, pick an earthy palette of naturally soothing colors for your house to have more cooling and soothing effect. These ideas come in handy when it comes to recreating a lively and pleasing home décor for your abode. 

  • Pick a color theme: Several exquisite color themes are doing the round these days that can perfectly and instantly amplify your abode into a gorgeous, instagrammable haven. Yes, Pantone is the chosen one for this year, 2021. The colors that it includes are illuminating yellow that appears to be harnessing the sun blended with ultimate ‘Grey.’ This is the perfect tone that is equally bright and soft at the same time. It’s an ethereal combination that exudes colossal charm and warmth of buttery sunshine, equal shades warming, sweet and practical, and rock solid. One can pick up one color theme of their choice and get the upholstery, walls, and interiors splashed in those shades or by combining them with other compatible shades to make a place stand out. 
  • Beautify the corners and curves: Corners and rounded shapes have their significance when it comes to interiors. You can beautify these corners by using suitable yet stylish furniture that complements the color theme of your entire house as well. You can use corner sofas, a footstool, a round rug, etc., and place some aesthetic antiques and exquisite cushions. Placing a plush velvet Sofa in these corners adds to the décor and beauty of the whole place.
  • Be environmentally conscious: Recent times have given us a huge lesson on how crucial it is to preserve this planet, and there is no other way but to start this from our homes. You can use more sustainable products in our home décor and use earthy tones to keep it cool and refreshing during the peak of summers. You can also include plants in the interior décor for a naturally refreshing vibe. Vintage has also gained a lot of popularity, and people are getting inclined towards vintage settings in their homes for that rustic yet earthy vibe to a place that feels like warm nature’s embrace. A perfect antique chair, colorful, vibrant cushions, antique furniture with that old school charm is ideal for making a home in your heart.
  • Create a natural aura: The aura of a place matters, and you can create a wonderfully serene atmosphere in your house by keeping some house plants to purify the air. Make a statement, or a collection of smaller plants or slightly bigger plants kept in the balcony or living area is enough to create a nurturing aura around you. It enhances the comfort and serenity of your place.  

Top Wall Decor Ideas

Wall décor also plays an essential role in transforming the entire décor of a place. For beautiful homes, wall décor is vital. Here are a few tips for redoing your wall.  

  1. Go for wallpapers: Make sure to play around with attractive wallpapers and paints as per the color theme. Use pastel shades on the side walls such as blossom pink or soft blues, or mint, and put some beautiful decorative stuff to add some life to your walls. Let your walls do the talking.
  2. Use Vibrant Colors: Living room décor is incomplete without some rich, vibrant shades of summer skies and sparkling beaches. You can also recreate a similar vibe by using brilliant shades of blue as an accent wall paired up with warm, optimistic, and sunshiny yellows or beautiful hues of lovely turquoise décor pieces, linen, etc. Give that mesmerizing Grecian Vibe against the white backdrop that can truly enliven your living room décor. 
  3. Less is more: For room decors, the one trend that never goes away is minimalism. This style is about making statements with clean, precise structures, pristine designs, pops of color here and there, and a truly functional yet clean and classy design. This helps you to keep your room décor something sophisticated and not over the top. For a minimalist room décor, try white, ivory, mint, powder blue, soft gray, blossom pink, mauve, beige, peach colors to keep it elegant and summery fresh make it exude calmness, comfort, and tender touch of light, refreshing beauty.

These were some of the best summer décor ideas for the year 2021 that you can try to give a nice and beautiful makeover to your place. Let there be light and drops of sunshine dancing all galore. Keep it bright yet classy without losing out on the natural vibe of your home. These ideas are sure to keep you inspired this summer, not just to beautify your living space but also to design your heaven in your haven. For more such ideas, check out our blogs.