Telangana government plans to set up mechanized dhobi ghats in 141 ULB's

After the success of setting up modern dhobi ghats at Rajanna Sircilla last year, the State government has now decided to set up modern and mechanised dhobi ghats in 141 Urban Local Bodies (ULBs). 

Once completed, Telangana is said to be the first State in the country to establish mechanised dhobi ghats in all ULBs. 

Each dhobi ghat would be set up with an estimated cost of Rs. 2 crores and the total cost for setting up in 141 ULBs would be about Rs. 282 crores.  

For this, the State government has issued orders to the Telangana Urban Finance Infrastructure Development Corporation (TUFIDC) with permission to sanction the loan. 

The Public Health Department also has been handed the task of executing the works. 

These mechanised dhobi ghats would cut down the labour for washer men in washing the clothes.  

Its main aim was to facilitate the effective use of technology and save natural resources like water, in the ULB's.