Telangana Government to Clear Unauthorized Barriers in Secunderabad

With the illegal roadblocks imposed by local authorities in Secunderabad Cantonment, many residents are facing commuting troubles.  Understanding the inconvenience caused to the general public, MAUD Minister KT Rama Rao appealed to Union Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, for the removal of such unauthorized closures.

Clearance of Illegal Road Blocks

The MAUD Minister KT Rama Rao has requested the Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh to clear the unauthorized roadblocks, addressing the issue of the illegal road blockade imposed by local authorities in the Secunderabad Cantonment and the disruption caused by this to the residents and farmers.

Also, to take action and to inform the local authorities not to receive such road closures without following the SOP and without the necessary permission from the concerned authorities about all roads in the cantonment of Secunderabad.

Because of regular road blockades and sometimes without reason, more than two million in North and North East of Hyderabad are suffering. Local military authorities use these roads to control traffic, which is the only road linking to some areas creating unimaginable hardship and difficulty for residents.

Road Closures in Secunderabad

Most sudden and unannounced roadblocks such as AOC roads, Gough Road on previous occasions have led to massive resentment among the citizens.

The Ministry of Defense had also issued a 'standard protocol' to be followed by the municipal, military authorities to initiate a road closure process that accurately reflects the "emergent security needs" of the army, considering such serious grievances of citizens.

Even though the local authorities at Secunderabad Cantonment, had closed four important roads without following the SOP for ten days in July 2020, stating a rise in COVID 19 cases in the area. The four major roads include Allahabad Gate, Gough Road, Wellington Road, and Ordinance Road.

Due to which many people commuting to workplaces or houses from areas such as Yapral, Kowkur, Bollarum, and Trimulgherry have been in trouble on their way.

There are about 25 public roads in Secunderabad Cantonment Area, which are subjected to such arbitrary closures for traffic. Raising concerns as all these roads were admittedly open to the public since their inception, some of which are of more than 100 years of existence.

Many of these major roads lie in a narrow stretch of land about 10 km along the Arterial Rajiv Rahadari Highway in north and south direction. Closing these roads would cut north-eastern areas of the city from the main connection to the rest of the city. As a result, more than 10 lakh people were daily affected.

Besides this, farmers from the villages in Nagaram, Kapra, and so on used those roads to market access, such as Risala Bazar, Bolarum Bazar, Pioneer Bazar, Doveton Bazar, Lal Bazar, etc . they are all situated on the western side of the Cantonment.

The proposals are also made as to when such closures are proposed, an elected council exists in SCB, and appropriate protocols should be followed in compliance with the Cantonment Act 2006.

The necessary regulations the government would help the people to have comfortable commuting to all parts of the city and lead a comfortable life.