Top 8 Things You Need To Know About TS-BPASS

The TS-BPASS, or Telangana State Building Permission Approval and Self-Certification
System, was approved by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) in February
2021. Through this, the State Government aims to offer a quicker review system and
approval of residential properties in Hyderabad. TS-BPASS is a part of the TS-IPASS
(State Industrial Project Approval and Self-Certification System ), a more extensive project
by the Telangana state Government. TS-IPASS came into action in 2015 as a virtual
self-certification-based model for granting online industrial building permissions.

Eight things you need to know about TS-BPASS

TS-BPASS has made quick approvals possible in real estate in Hyderabad. Here are the
top ten features you must know:
1. No construction permission or occupancy certificate is needed to construct ground or
G+1 on a plot size of up to 75 square yards. The applicant has to pay a token money
of just Re 1.
2. On a plot size of up to 500 square metre and a height of up to 10 m, one can get
instant building approval via online self-certificate for residential properties in
3. The applicant can apply for an online self-certification process to take approval for
tentative project layouts.
4. The applicant can use a common application form for obtaining multiple NOCs plots
up to 500 sq m in size and height above 10 m. This goes for both residential and
non-residential buildings, for which approval can be taken through self-certification.
5. TS-BPASS processes land use and land conversion certificates. It also provides
certificates for low-rise buildings erected in areas of more than 200 square metre and
less than 500 square metres.
6. Applicants can fill out the application and submit the required documents online. The
secured and encrypted transaction process makes it a reliable platform for real
estate in Telangana.
7. Following a simple three-step process of applying, uploading and paying the required
amount will make you eligible to seek permission for every real estate process in
8. Their services can easily be accessed from desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile
phones via an internet connection.

How to apply
? To apply, the applicant can visit the official website of TS-BPASS and select ‘Online
Services’ on the home page. Create a login id, select ‘Occupancy’, next ‘Building

Completion’, and fill in the required detail. Once done, save and submit the
? The applicant can also track their application by selecting the option ‘Track
Application’ from their homepage.

Owing to the immense success of TS-BPASS in municipal areas, the State Government has
also decided to implement it in Gram Panchayats. Furthermore, streamlined processes and
transparency in the transaction have made TS-BPASS a convenient mode of application for
real estate in Telangana