Vaastu Shastra Norms for Living Happy Long Life

Vaastu, which literally means 'house', is a science of arranging the five elements - earth, water, fire, air and sky in complete harmony. Experts say that the fundamental principle of vaastu shastra is to add value to a man's life.

Behind every vaastu guideline, there is a scientific reasoning that aims at providing an organized and convenient life to everyone.

At the entrance if you have a naked wall, place a statue or a picture of Ganesha. Since a naked wall represents loneliness, it is a good way to conceal it.

If your house has been placed in the wrong direction, it is best to have a picture of Panchmukhi Hanuman, facing South-West to the boring.
Place scenery in the North east direction depicting a long road for good vision and planning.

 Place a family photograph in the south-west direction in a yellow or golden frame for healthy family relations.

Place the study table of your kids in the east direction for improvement in studies.

The kitchen plays a major role in determining the relationship in a family. Maintain maximum distance between gas and sink in the kitchen and should be in North West direction.

The bedroom should be planned in south-west direction to enhance the relationships.

Fix a fish aquarium in north-east direction of your house 

Believe it or not, vaastu does have its effects and a few changes in your house can bring a lot of peace in your life.

--Shailaja K