New Road Extension Work Is in Progress from Chandanagar to Ameenpur Road

New Road Extension Work Is In Progress from Chandanagar to Ameenpur Road

Chandanagar and Ameenpur are prominent locations that are well connected to all amenities like transportation facilities, schools. hospitals, shopping malls, and many more. The areas act as a great residential place for real estate investors, as they have all facilities like cement roads, post office, GHMC tanks, etc.

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Apartments for Sale in Chandanagar

  • Chandanagar is a happening place with amazing footfall. It’s near to the high-tech city and just 2kms away from the metro station which acts as a great advantage.
  • Popular restaurants, ATM’s, banks all are located just at a walkable distance.
  • As per the latest statistics, the price per S.FT at Chandanagar is 3,800  - 5,800.
  • At present, 185 units are available including 2BHK and 3BHK apartments in Chandanagar.

Apartments for Sale in Ameenpur

  • Ameenpur is a great location for all working professionals. As it is near to the high-tech city, outer ring road.
  • A lot of gated communities are developing rapidly at the place.
  • As of now, 31 units are available in 2BHK with a price per S.FT as 3,400 - 4,400.
  • A 2BHK flat in Ameenpur ranges from 34.9 Lakhs - 50.7 Lakhs.

Road Extension in Hyderabad between Chandanagar to Ameenpur

As they are prime locations, considering the traffic demand, a new road extension work is in progress from Chandanagar to Ameenpur road to facilitate smooth connections between the areas. The construction is taking place following all the road extension rules. As both areas are near to the high-tech city, there is a lot of scope for infrastructural developments in future days to come.

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By: Govi Kaza