Apartment for sale in Hyderabad with excellent nearby facilities

The location of home plays a fundamental role when it comes to purchase. You must look at everything in detail so that you are as happy as possible.  When choosing where to move, living near to transport services are a good option which helps you to socialize, makes you enjoy being part of a great community and enriches you to live stress-free happy life.

Gokuls Nandanam Block C is the semi-gated apartment located at Bachupalli. It is 2 and 3 bedroom apartments are characterized by their spatiality, design, and lighting. Close to the main transport services and study centers its location is ideal for both students and families. Its various amenities stand out: games for children, Car parking, 24-hour security, Municipal drinking water and Vastu 100%. 

The building has 62 available units designed with an optimal distribution of spaces, with a Hall, Dining room, balcony, 3 bedrooms with bathrooms, and kitchen with wash area. Apartments with private gardens, Finishes in common areas of the Residential Complex with floors of the highest quality. All designed to maximize the quality of life and comfort of its inhabitants, without having to leave the building.

By:  Shailaja K