Yadadri Hills Lakshmi Nivas- Premier Plotting Project in Yadagirigutta

Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas is a new premier residential plotting project located in Yadagirigutta. SRIE Construction and Developers launched this fully gated plotting project to suit the requirements of buyers. The spacious plots are located in the best location where once can lead a comfortable lifestyle with its exceptional amenities, and friendly surroundings. Also, the developing infrastructure in the location offers you to get high investment returns in future.

Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas Description

Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas Plotting projects is approved by DTCP, and the plots are spread over 73 acres of land area. Many buyers are very keen to buy a plot in Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas project as it provides comfortable living and gives a good ROI at an affordable price. Encircled by well-known hospitals, banks, and shopping malls, Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas plots act as an ideal place for a residential purpose. The plots are available at an affordable price with quality facilities.

The people who want to lead a decent lifestyle, they can own a plot here and enjoy the excellent facilities. Combined with quality facilities and friendly surroundings, Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas plotting project in Yadagirigutta is one of the excellent places to build your dream home. The spacious plots are located on the prime and futuristic destination near Hyderabad-Warangal highway. Open Plots are available at different sizes and facings you can choose an open plot as per your requirement to construct your dream home

Plotting Project Location Advantages

Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas is strategically located in a prime location and provides direct connectivity to nearly all civic and social facilities. The area has easy access to many leading schools, shopping malls, hospitals, supermarkets and other public amenities. The nearby landmarks include Bhongir Railway Station, Yadagiri Temple, etc. Yadagirigutta is a small town at Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district in Telangana. 

The area is famous for the Narasimha Swami Temple, and it is crowded with many people every day. Warangal Highway and Gatakeshwar Ring Road (ORR) are very near to Yadagirigutta that helps you to commute smooth and fast. The area has a pollution-free environment with less congested roads where the people can lead a peaceful lifestyle.

Convenient Amenities at Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas 

Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas plotting project in Yadagirigutta offers excellent facilities with which you can lead an active and happy lifestyle. The modern amenities include 

24/7 Security - The 24-hour security provides protection against thefts, and help with the prosecution of the crime down the line. They make you lead a tension free life, especially for families with elder parents and children who need a little extra care.

Solar Fencing - Solar Fencing within your premises acts as an effective restraint that prevents criminals or thieves, to enter in your house. You can lead a peaceful life with this high-security system.

Indoor Games - Spend your leisure time by playing indoor games with your family and friends to improve your thinking skills and make family relations more strong. 

Green Landscaping - the green gardens help you to enjoy nature and fresh air that make you lead an active and healthy life.

BT Roads - The smooth and clean roads help you to have a hassle-free travelling, and you can reach your destination quickly.

Electricity with Street Lights - Street Lights near your house helps you to get rid of accidents and travel safely at night time.

Underground Drainage - The clean surroundings helps to remove disease organisms near your homes to lead a healthy life.

Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas plots have an excellent value as there is a lot of growth happening in nearby places. The people who are interested in constructing their dream house prefer to buy open plots in this gated community plotting project in Yadagirigutta. Also, as compared to other residential plotting properties, the price of Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas are affordable. If you have decided to own open plots in Hyderabad at an affordable price, Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas plotting project in Yadagirigutta is best that suit your requirements for comfortable living.

Visit PropertyAdviser.in and grab the opportunity to buy a plot in Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas at Yadagirigutta. Get in touch with our website today for more details about the plotting project like available units, square feet size, facings, the price per square feet, and many more. Buy a plot in Yadadri Hills - Lakshmi Nivas plotting project and build your dream home to stay happily in decent surroundings.

By: Shailaja K