Eleven important factors when buying a property in Hyderabad

11 People Factors You Don’t Want to Miss When Buying a House

This is the second and the last article in the series, Factors You Don’t Want to Miss When Buying a House in Hyderabad. In the first article, we’ve looked into the financial factors that influence your buying decision. In this article, we will look at the people factors that you need to consider while buying a property in Hyderabad.

Suggestions for Buying a Property from Family and Friends

Since your family lives in the new house, ask your family members their preferences. On the other hand, your friends will be able to give you a dispassionate view of the choices you are making in selecting and customising the property.

Discuss the options available with both family and friends and they surely come up with suggestions to help you make the right choice to buy a home in Hyderabad.

Independent Houses for sale In Hyderabad to suit your Family

Your house must be big enough to provide enough space to all the members of your family. Also, consider individual preferences such as a room on the ground floor for elderly parents while buying a house. If the house is being bought for elderly parents, buying a duplex may not be a good idea. Visit www.propertyadviser.in to buy a suitable home as per your requirements.

Buy a home in Hyderabad for Next Generation Needs

Plan for a separate room/space for a teenager. Her needs are different compared to the needs of a younger kid.

A teenager will need more space to store books, clothes, shoes, and a computer. She might also invite friends over. And, to entertain them she needs space. The child needs the help and support of adults and is more dependent on her parents compared to a teenager. A child-friendly home gives you space to store books and loads of toys.

If you want to cater to the needs of the child as well as a teenager, you must find a house that can satisfy both of them.

Gated community apartments for sale in Hyderabad for Elderly and Parents’ Needs

Your parents or elders need enough space to move around if they are using mobility devices like a walker or wheelchair.

And, their bedroom should have an attached bathroom that has non-slip rugs, grab-handles, weight-bearing railings, and a shower chair. While customising their room, consider installing doors with a partial glass panel to see through. That will help you respond when they are unable to call you for help.

The best thing to do? Just ask. Ask them what they want in their room. And create living spaces that are elderly-friendly.

Many real estate builders are constructing gated community apartments in Hyderabad with good amenities and friendly surroundings. The projects include Green Grace Aurora Block near Khajagud at Nanakramguda, Sumadhura Acropolis near new Wipro circle at Nanakramguda, Smondo near Ramkey Towers at Gachibowli, and Splendour Luxury Apartment in Mettkani Gudem colony at Gajularamaram.

5BHK flats for sale in Hyderabad for your Guests’ needs

Although you might have separate guest bedrooms, you will still need to plan for the needs of guests. They need attached bathrooms, and storage space to store their clothes and suitcases.

Guests usually stay with you when they come to your city looking for medical treatment, education, or while flying abroad. You may want to design the guest bedrooms for these needs and long stays. Buy a newly constructed apartment in Hyderabad to suit your needs.

Apartments for sale in Hyderabad with Kids Activities

Your children need outdoor activities. They may want to be coached in a sport, play with the other kids in the park, and learn art, dance, music, painting, and so on.  Choose an apartment in Hyderabad or house with good amenities that has space for such activities during after-school hours and vacations.

Houses for sale in Bachupally for Kids Educational Needs and Access

Usually, people prefer to buy houses or apartments that are located near schools and colleges.Alternatively, school buses must ply near your house in case you do not wish to change your child’s school while buying a house.

The presence of reputed schools and colleges will also influence the decision to buy a house in a particular locality or area.

Gated community villas for sale for Community living

Most of us celebrate festivals with family and friends. Therefore, a house is preferred if it is located in the same locality where your extended family and friends live.

Also, a vibrant community that encourages social and cultural gatherings helps develop life-long friendships and bonding among the residents of the building. Prefer to celebrate together and vote for it when selecting a gated community villa in Hyderabad.

New Apartments for sale for Pet lovers

If you have a strong bonding with your pet, find a house that is suitable for pets. You will also need to get permission from the society, neighbours, and the builder to keep pets at your new apartment in Hyderabad.

Pet-friendly neighbours can make a world of difference in a pet lover’s life. The benefits of having one range from taking care of your pet when you are away to not complaining if the pet cries. Buy a flat in Hyderabad starts from 25 lakhs with good facilities.

Independent Duplex villas for sale for Plant lovers

If you love plants and want a garden of your own, you must look for a house that has the space to grow plants or trees. If you are buying an apartment, see if any of the occupants is growing a garden and find out about the opportunities for gardening in the common areas.

Properties for sale in Hyderabad for residents Safety

A gated community home in Hyderabad offers 24-hour security to the homeowners. Professional services of expert security personnel ensure that you can have a peaceful vacation.

Check if the security is implementing security checks for people and issuing car stickers to ensure that only authorised people and vehicles enter the premises.

So, What Do You Do Now?

Put together all the financial and people factors together and make educated choices. Buy a new apartment in Hyderabad for happy living.