Add Favorites Page:Shortlist Your Favorite Property in Hyderabad

today's busy life everyone is busy with their daily works. do you want to buy the best property in hyderabad with saving your valuable time? you can add a property to your favorites page on

on the home page, click on the search toolbar. the page will display filters that can be used to filter your search. after you make the selection on the filter page, you can search, shortlist and add the property to your favorites page by clicking on a heart-shaped icon on that page.  

we will send you an email and sms every time there is an update on the project status. we want to help you narrow down your search and choose the best available property from the listings on our website. we have added the favorites icon to help you save time. there are other filters available such as sizes, price range, project category, and so on.

therefore, the favorites page helps you to view the property information quickly. register with property adviser and grab the opportunity of buying the best residential project in hyderabad as per your requirements.

by:  shailaja k