Eleven Compelling Reasons to Choose Property Adviser

Eleven Compelling Reasons to Choose Property Adviser

Finding a dream home in Hyderabad is not an easy task. There are many offline and online resources available that list properties for sale, rent, lease and so on. Typically, you search websites, newspaper classified section, adverts on newspaper, radio, tv, and so on. Or, you visit properties, attend property trade shows, or ask your friends and relatives.

All these ways of searching a home take a lot of time. Moreover, you lack the complete information, and therefore you delay buying a house.

Property Adviser (www.propertyadviser.in) is India's first property directory. A property directory lists all the properties that are available for sale this time and soon it will be adding properties available for rent, lease, and so on. It is like the yellow pages that were used to search addresses and phone numbers in the not-so-long past.

Property Adviser is a public directory of all ready-to-occupy and under-construction apartments, houses and villas in Hyderabad.

Why Choose Property Adviser?

Property Adviser has its origins in the idea that a sector grows and brings systemic benefits only when the end customers, the individual buyers, of the sector are served well.

Many portals are not directories. They are paid listings, that is, the builders pay to the portal for listing the property. However, Property Adviser lists all the projects after verifying them and also reports their progress. With all areas combing in the West Zone of Hyderabad, we have 4 times more projects than our nearest competitor.

Eleven Reasons Why You Should Choose Property Adviser as Your Property Search Aid

Easy to use

We provide an interactive interface where once you log into our website, you can search for properties based on the filters such as location, size, type of house, amenities, price, availability, date of completion, and so on. We have an online chat facility and helpdesk to answer all your queries.

Complete information

The Property Adviser team collects information by visiting every area, street, and property. They analyse and verify the details, take pictures and videos of every project and update the information on our website. They revisit the projects every month to get up-to-date information. Therefore, you will get the complete and latest information on every project in Hyderabad.

Accurate and Reliable Information

More than 2000 real estate builders have listed their projects on Property Adviser. Our data collection and verification process is rigorous to ensure that the information is accurate and reliable.

Custom Notifications

Once you log into and search properties, you can opt to receive notification via SMS and email of all the projects that interest you.

Smart Search Option

There are different filters available that make your search easy so that you can find your dream home quickly. For example, we list properties by type such as apartments, independent houses, villas, and so on.

Data Availability

We have over 1200 projects listed on our website. We have listed every project in Hyderabad.


You can be assured that your details are confidential. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

Data Analytics

We classify projects by location, budget range, unit type (1 BHK, 2 BHK, and so on), occupancy time (time to occupy), and so on.

Monthly E-Paper

We publish an online monthly e-paper highlighting the news and projects that you might have missed. Click here to read our latest edition.

The paper is also circulated as a print edition. We are running 30,000 copies every month.

Real Estate Blog

Our blog tells you about the news and events in the real estate sector. We track and report all articles that will impact your buying decision. We describe amenities, landmarks, and infrastructure available for every project. Our research team works closely with our field experts and brings you the latest offers for all the projects.

Compare Properties Page

Our Compare Properties page allows you to search three projects side-by-side based on different specifications such as location, price, number of units available, time to occupy, number of floors, approved by GHMC, and so on. A side-by-side comparison is a handy tool that compares and highlights the similarities and differences between the projects you choose.

We have a huge database of projects, and we analyse data and present it graphically.

At Property Adviser, we strive to make your property search a hassle-free experience. Log in to our website www.propertyadviser.in to find out more about us.