Advantages of Renewable Energy at homes in hyderabad

Advantages of Renewable Energy at homes in hyderabad
09:30 AM 12 Feb 2018

The non-renewable sources of energy such as coal, crude oil, and natural gas cannot be replenished.  As the usage of the non-renewable sources of energy is increasing at an alarming rate, we are looking for alternative sources of energy.

The renewable sources of energy are those, that can be replenished after usage in a short period. Solar energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy, hydropower and wave power are some of the best examples of renewable energy.

The different ways of using renewable energy are as follows:

Solar Power - This is the most common and abundant source of energy available on the Earth. They also use solar lighting in common areas of the building.

Geothermal Energy- It is the energy derived from below the earth's surface. It can be used to generate clean energy for homes. The geothermal energy does not emit greenhouse gases and is available round the clock. The geothermal heat pump systems regulate temperature andhelp maintain 50% indoor humidity in houses.

Wind energy- Wind energy is clean energy generated by wind turbines or windmills. The giant fans in a windmill tap the wind energy and convert it into electricity.  To tap wind energy by erecting windmills, we need huge investments and open lands with winds.  Currently, India accounts for 5.6% of the total wind power, and the Government is expecting to generate 60 MW power from wind by 2022.

You could power your home with renewable energy for a clean, safe and secure future.

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By: Pavan N