AP Govt Announces Land Registration Portal for Transparent Registry

AP Govt Announces Land Registration Portal for Transparent Registry

The Government of Andhra Pradesh planned to launch an online land registration portal. The portal is expected to open from 2nd, November 2019. The new web portal will allow people to enlist their documents and deeds easily.

Andhra Pradesh Government Announcement

Many people are facing difficulties in the process of registering their land records. The landowners have to wait for a long time and have to visit the revenue offices many times to get land records. Because of the difficulty in the land registry, people seek the help of mediators in enlisting documents and deeds. The middlemen perform a vital role in the registration of land and charges high payment in the form of a percentage of the land value.

Keeping this in view the stamps and registration department AP planned to begin the online land registration portal to eliminate the difficulty of people. The upcoming new portal will put an end to the interference of middlemen in land registrations and make the process more transparent. The land registry online will help in the verification process during registrations or while applying for loans from banks. The plan will be launched at a pilot basis on November 2 in Krishna and Visakhapatnam districts after fixing them the system will be opened for the remaining states. Also, the new portal verifies the sale and gift deeds.

What is the Advantage of Online Land Registry?

The AP property registration portal benefits the people to check their land details online without having to do the rounds to government offices. Users can easily enter their land records and get rid of registration agents and document writers as they charge high payments. The online system helps landowners to draft their documents by paying a nominal fee and get them registered in a nearby registrar office. With the introduction of AP land registration portal, landowners can view all land details online with one click.

Importance of Registering Ownership at the Land Registry

Land registration is one of the main aspects of real estate transactions. The importance of Registering Ownership at the Land Registry are as follows.

  • Registering ownership at the Land Registry help you to have absolute proof of purchase.
  • It is a clear plan showing the extent of that ownership will be provided by the registry giving an accurate representation of the land area.
  • The Land Registry will keep the evidence of the title safe electronically after the completion of registration. in case if your old deeds are lost or destroyed, it is not risky to find your land details.
  • Registration of land creates a clear record of ownership and sets the situations that affect the property include rights of way and restrictive bonds.
  • It provides exceptional protection against claims for squatting (unlawfully occupy an uninhabited land) and makes it easier to defeat.
  • Registering ownership at the Land Registry help you to prevent fraud that occurs from copying ownership deed or a person seeking to claim that they own another individual property.
  • Around 30% discount is provided in Land Registry fee for voluntary applications.

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By: Shailaja K