Bricks v/s Blocks - A Fight Between The Best

Today, mankind only cares about two things, one, is himself, and the other is the environment. Absolutely, nothing amiss if you think about it. As we see a concrete jungle unfold in every city, especially the metros, we often find ourselves juxtaposed with whether to use bricks for its aesthetics and long-standing credibility or cement blocks - a newfound love of the real estate industry. 

Without any further ado, let’s dive straight into whether to use this (bricks) or that (blocks) when it comes to constructing gated community flats for sale in Hyderabad, villas for sale in Hyderabad or let’s just say anything at all!  

Bricks - A Friend Since Yesteryears 

Known since time immemorial, fired bricks also referred to as artificial stone, stand out as one of the most trusted building materials when it comes to anything ranging from gated community flats for sale in Hyderabad to a statement wall in your new abode. It is aesthetic to look at, they have many other benefits you cannot ignore. 

• Promise Summer Heat Protection: Bricks understand your quest for warmth! They are great absorbers of heat and thus can be trusted for their thermal insulation. They soak the head through the day and emit the same at night thus keeping you and your residence warm and comfortable. 

• Eco-Friendly: Ready to become one with nature, these are made up of components that can be readily recycled thus negligibly contributing to the environment’s already existent stress. Blocks on the other hand are not recyclable thus posing a threat to the environment’s well-being when dismantled.  

• Durable: Buildings constructed with bricks stand the test of time and hold up for years if made using the right methods of construction. 

• Less Flammable: Bricks are made up of highly compressed soil particles. The extreme compression doesn’t leave room for any combustion thus making your cave super safe.  

• Low Upkeep: Low on maintenance, extremely good-looking, and security-laden - bricks sound like that perfect partner you have always desired. In the long term, they suffer no maintenance cost thus making them every builder’s No. 1 choice. 

Blocks - A Solid New Entrant 

Walking the path of “first impression is the last impression”, these robust rectangular blocks have swept the real estate market of its feet with advantages that make it a solid contestant, worth considering. Made from concrete and other substances, here are some of the many benefits of blocks curated by our team at 1 TREC. 

• Less Expensive: As per reports the price of constructing walls using blocks is 17.65% lower than the price of creating walls using bricks. This is not a small disparity, you know if you know! 

• Manufactured From Waste: Unlike bricks, blocks are made from a by-product of thermal power stations called fly ash. This makes them 17.65% less expensive and bricks and in trend too. 

• Soundproof: The high density of blocks makes them effective sonic insulators. If your home is surrounded by a bustling highway or a busy industrial estate, villas for sale in Hyderabad made using blocks feel a godsend.  

Both tough and solid, they have their own unique individuality. Depending on the location, the budget, and the visualised end result, you can pick either bricks or blocks and let your construction be the talk of the town. Having said that, the government and the National Green Tribunal continue to scrutinise red brick kilns, while the concrete block sector seems to be going all guns blazing to become No. 1.  

TREC wants to know what’s your pick?