Revanth Reddy takes charge as CM & declares Telangana as Indiramma Rajyam

Marking the beginning of a new chapter in the country’s youngest State, a Congress Legislative Party leader, A. Revanth Reddy has become the new Chief Minister of Telangana.  He made an announcement declaring Telangana as "Indiramma Rajyam." 

Now, "Indiramma Rajyam" is a term inspired by a former Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. She was known for her focus on social welfare and development programs. Creating an "Indiramma Rajyam" implies a commitment to implementing policies and programs that aim to improve the lives of people in Telangana, possibly by prioritizing welfare initiatives, infrastructure development, education, healthcare, or other social schemes. 

The 11 ministers who took charge under New CM Revanth Reddy  

Earlier, with a large crowd that gathered at the Lal Bahadur Stadium as witnesses, Governor Tamilisai Soundarajan administered the oath of office and secrecy to Revanth Reddy, who had reached the dais along with the Congress Parliamentary party president, Sonia Gandhi in an open-top vehicle.  

The new cabinet has been formed with 11 Ministers consisting of,  

  • Madhira MLA Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka (Deputy Chief Minister)  

  • Nalgonda MLA Komatireddy Venkat Reddy  

  • Huzurnagar MLA Uttam Kumar Reddy    

  • D Sridhar Babu, Konda Surekha  

  • Damodar Rajanarsimha, Jupally Krishna Rao 

  • Tummala Nageswara Rao along with Revanth Reddy 

  • Mulugu MLA Seethakka 

  • Husnabad MLA Ponnam Prabhakar  

  • Palair MLA Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy was also among the new entrants in the Cabinet.  
    Stating that the Chief Minister and ministers aren't 'rulers' but will function as 'servants' of the people, Reddy emphasized that the Congress has formed a "People's government." This government aims to meet the needs of various groups, such as farmers, students, job-seeking youth, activists, and families of those who sacrificed for the nation. 

    Would there be any changes in the Real Estate after the Charges taken by CM Revanth Reddy 

    For real estate enthusiasts, this announcement made by Revanth Reddy the new chief minister might hold significance because a government emphasizing social welfare and development programs could potentially lead to better infrastructure, increased investment opportunities, urban development, and improved living standards. This could positively impact the real estate market by creating more demand for properties, enhancing property values, and fostering growth in the sector as the state invests in its development. Stay updated for more real estate news in this new government.