A Checklist to Help You to Find the Right Apartment

A Checklist to Help You to Find the Right Apartment

After a good research, we could decode the term “dream home.” A well-planned home is called a dream home – this is because everything that you have planned to have as part of your home is now the place you live in and own. Are we right here? So, while preparing this “planned/dream home,” we suggest you have a checklist ready because one has to be prepared to expect the unexpected and be equipped ahead.

Let’s come to the topic straight –  we are here to share a checklist for buying a flat in Hyderabad. With real estate growing exponentially in our state and with the multitude of housing options that are spread before you – you must be tempted or hasty in taking the decision. But remember before zeroing in that this would be your dream home that you are going to select. And, any falter in the initial stages, then the coming steps wouldn’t be that easy. Hence, we suggest you have a look at the checklist before buying a flat.

1. Checklist before buying a flat: Ok, so you have zeroed in the flat that you are interested in. You have checked the floor plans, the carpet area, the building walls, and all. But you have to tick this checklist before buying an apartment:

  • Strength of the walls 
  • Walls finish 
  • Floorings
  • Electrical fittings
  • Child-safe fittings
  • Doors quality
  • Windows
  • Cross ventilation – air and light.

2. Check with the builder:  While selecting your flat/apartment, going for a brand or a builder with the Hyderabad market's right presence would be a wise choice because an established builder would already have previous projects to their portfolio. It gives you a chance to check their approach toward the construction, the entire process, materials used, quality standards, and also if they are legally abiding by all the rules and regulations laid by RERA. 

3. Questions to ask: There is a long list of things to check before buying a new flat. Most of them are related to the builder as most of the clarifications and confirmations can be done only with the builder’s competent answers. Here are some of the questions you need to ask:

  • Previous projects: If the builder is reputed and established one, then they would, for sure, have a portfolio of the completed projects. Check with them for these details for a better understanding of their work.
  • Property title: One of the primary documents to check before buying a flat from the builder is if the builder owns the land or is entitled to him. If it is a Joint Development Agreement with other Landowners, you will fall into many legal flaws.
  • Copy of Agreement: You have every right to ask the builder for a copy of the agreement before making the complete payment. 
  • Price of the property: No property has a fixed price. It is the reason why you should check with the builder what would be the average price.
  • Approved layout plan and deviations: Another essential thing to check before buying a flat is asking for a deviation layout if the builder has an alternate method.

There are multiple things one needs to consider before taking that giant leap of buying a new flat. But, primarily ensure that you tick all the points mentioned over the above checklist before purchasing a flat in Hyderabad and then go ahead with your to-dos list.