State Declared Special Initiatives to Protect Properties in Telangana

State Declared Special Initiatives to Protect Properties in Telangana

On Wednesday, 23 Sep, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao announced a series of steps to protect public rights of their properties in Telangana. 

Listed Land Protection Measures 

Government is planning to implement a new Revenue Act and record details of non-agriculture properties on Dharani portal. Also declared that the mutation would not be applicable to houses built on lands under Endowments department, Wakf Board, full tank level, nalas and Urban Land Ceiling (ULC). It has provided one last opportunity for people to register their property online for mutation, free NALA conversion or regularise encroached lands.

The state government introduced special measures which includes free online mutation of non-agricultural properties, free NALA transformation of homes on agricultural lands and regularisation of government property encroached by the poor. He also requested people to support the State Government in order to categorise agricultural land from non-agricultural lands.

Also, to modify Sada Bainamas and declared that it would introduce guidelines related to this in one or two days. From now onwards this Sada Bainamas was not allowed, either people should register these properties for future mutation on the Dharani portal or, in case of further disputes, approach the courts.

State Special Initiatives

Maroon-coloured passbooks for pattadar are issued for the first time in the country to individuals who own non - agricultural properties in the state. These passbooks will grant citizens permanent property rights and in the future, prevent unnecessary conflicts. The action is being undertaken according to the new revenue act, taking into account the people's long-term interests and defending them against land disputes.

The citizens are directed to enlist themselves in urban and rural local institutions to record their property information like houses, plots, flats and other non-agriculture properties, in order to utilise free mutation of their properties. In the future, all transactions of real estate will only be made via the Dharani website, and any individual is not allowed to move their property even to their children without registering details of non-agricultural properties including the registration and adhaar number and family members information. 

He proposed that people get house numbers from the local institutions and upload it online. In addition, the State government will now regulate the lands occupied by the poor, which enable them to get bank loans against their property. It confirmed that the mutation to the property has nothing to do with the ongoing new LRS, and the constructions will be strictly regulated by the Panchayat Raj or the Municipal Act.

KCR wanted all Ministers, MLAs and other elected representatives at mandal and village level to focus on the effective implementation of non-agricultural registration and also the distribution of maroon-coloured passbooks to property owners. He needed local body officials and employees to track non-agricultural property registration online and to make sure that the data were uploaded appropriately.

The properties owned by the poor under Government Orders of 58 and 59, including notary land, are openly regularised. In a few days, necessary guidelines will be provided in this context. To ensure all this information is accessible to the people, all Government orders and circulars are available in both Telugu and English.

By: Shailaja K