Government Moves to Set Flat Undivided Land Share in Residential Apartments

Govt Move to Set Flat Undivided Land Share in Residential Apartments

Dharani website of the Telangana Government Revenue Department will be provided with the land information according to survey numbers. The plots and flats details are also uploaded according to the sales deeds and survey numbers. Therefore as per the survey number of the revenue records flatwise undivided land share information must be organized.

Flat owner Associations Instructions

New Revenue act suggests the flat owner associations to maintain the below-detailed information on their undivided land share in Residential Apartments and Buildings.

  • To maintain land ownership documents, building permissions, approach road details, fire safety clearance, ULC and other link documents of the Apartment building. 
  • Flat association to possess a building plan on the land plot in the Govt revenue survey map, with all UTM (latitude and longitude by using any GPS App) coordinates and an exact area.
  • Apartment land statements as per survey number wise.  
  • Unauthorized property data, developed by a builder or owned by others but not approved by Government, must be recorded in a separate statement.
  • Statement of undivided land area with flatwise for the Government approved Flats and another statement for unauthorized flats.
  • To file a statement of the building's total lands, the total allocation of flats in undivided land share and the balance land shares which were available on the name of the original landowners. 
  • Maintain the records of surplus land which is still available with the original landowners or some land has been sold to other persons or agencies by landowners those who don't hold flat ownership in the building. 
  • Flat associations will have to take up the land record issues and settle them in the future, with the original landlords they have to claim surplus land, in accordance with the TS Apartment Act.
  • Maintain the common areas such as clubhouses, halls, rooms information and the relevant ownership to be with Flats association. 
  • Flat partnerships to keep the building's property tax information at flatwise. If no property tax is paid to any apartment, it recommends to apply for tax and pay quickly.
  • The Government would make the flats association be the single point of responsibility in maintaining the building  in good condition

With following the Government revenue act and website, flat associations are suggested to review and update their building land details and its ownership to avoid difficulty in selling their undivided land share flats.

By: Shailaja K