Dharani Portal Denied to Accept Enlisting of Non- Agricultural Properties in TSIIC

Dharani Portal Denied to Accept Enlisting of Properties in TSIIC

The State Government uploading information of non-agricultural properties to the Dharani portal is progressing at a slow pace due to some technical problems.

Technical Glitches in Dharani Portal

Most of the non-agricultural properties located under TSIIC (Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation) are found in Gachibowli, Manikonda and Patancheruvu areas. Property owners made several attempts to enlist the non-agricultural properties in Dharani Portal, but the system refused to accept alphanumeric property tax identification number, allotted to this area.

Although several properties located near the industrial area of Jeedimetla fall under TSIIC, GHMC generates property tax. Authorities are requested to fix the issue immediately and deploy staffers to assist property owners as many residents are facing problems about the enrolment of property. 

Dharani Survey

The state government survey to collect property details is also impacted by uncooperative respondents. The residents in the city are refusing to give out their details for the survey as they are worried that the survey will make them ineligible for welfare schemes, including food security cards and pensions since they have a property under their names.

Officials from the Municipal Administration Department stated that 50 percent of the survey was completed. Despite the online portal supporting only 15 to 30 entries per day, surveyors in the districts are asked to cover at least 50 to 70 houses per day. Officials have written down property descriptions on sheets of paper on many occasions. Once the server is functional, they enter the information into the Dharani portal.

The government would look into the issues on the dharani portal to facilitate and address all ownership rights.

By: Shailaja K