GHMC to push Energy Code in Hyderabad for more residential buildings

The GHMC plans on developing Energy Conservation and Sustainable Building Code (EBSC) for large-sized residential buildings, offices, and gated communities. 

The State government will make ECBC mandatory by merging the code with building by-laws. This makes it compulsory for large-sized residential buildings to utilize renewable energy sources. 

All new commercial buildings of more than 1,000-2, built-up area must cooperate with ECBC. 

GHMC officials stated, “As the city is steadily pioneering the energy code compliance system through online building approvals, all new commercial and public buildings, and major retrofits, should comply with ECBC before construction begins. Mandatory ECBC is the start to attract global business houses to set up their offices in Hyderabad with reduced energy bills." 

They told TNIE that as per the Bill enacted by Parliament, energy conservation and sustainable building code would lay on commercial and residential buildings.  

This code will provide standards for energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy usage, and more.