Government Plans to Get Advanced Neo Technology for Warangal Metro

Warangal is the state's second most populated district, and it, like many others, is seeing a rapid increase in the number of private vehicles. The city is currently experiencing an annual cumulative vehicle growth rate of 8.6%. Apart from the lack of a good public transportation system, vehicular growth is presenting many transportation challenges to commuters. 

Warangal Metro Gets Advanced Technology 

To counter these problems, the state government has been working on the Metro Neo — a Mass Rapid Transit System. 

The planned Metro Neo for Warangal, unlike the Hyderabad Metro rail, would be provided with separate technology and a signaling system. The Warangal Metro will be equipped with an articulated rubber-wheeled electric coach system with overhead traction. 

As per a senior official, the overhead traction system will operate on a partially elevated and partially at Grade Corridor (ground-level) track. 

For Warangal Metro Neo, advanced signaling and telecommunications systems will be used. It will be fitted with an anti-collision device and a suitable Automatic Train Protection (ATP) system. At key intersections, traffic lights will be mounted. The coaches will be driven by drivers at a set pace. 

Automatic vehicle control, handheld radio communication system, on-board passenger information system, public address system, central voice recording system, and central fault locating system will all be included in the telecommunications systems. 

The Warangal Metro is proposed to run for 15.5 kilometers. The metro will run on an at-grade corridor for 7.1 kilometers and an elevated corridor for 8.4 kilometers. 

It is planned to handle up to 15,000 PHPDT of traffic and has a maximum design speed of 75 kmph. Though it may not be on par with the Hyderabad Metro in terms of traffic- handling capability and speed, it is certainly fitted with advanced signaling and telecommunications systems. 

The Detailed Project Report has already been completed and will be forwarded to the Cabinet for final approval shortly. The state government has already set aside Rs 150 crore from the current state budget.

By: Shailaja K