GP Layout Or HMDA Land - Which Is Better To Buy?

If you are planning to buy a plot in Hyderabad, it’s important to know the fine lines between a GP layout and an HMDA land. HMDA Approve Plots and GP layouts attract different rules and buying considerations. Therefore, it’s crucial that you learn in detail about both to make an informed decision. 

Understanding GP plots 

Abbreviated for Gram Panchayat plots, these layouts are designed by the village governing body that doesn’t fall under the administration of the HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority). The GP plots must follow the protocols set by the Telangana State Institute of Panchayat Raj and Rural Development for agricultural, commercial and residential construction. Some of the policies include: 

  • Plots should not be situated within 10 meters for residential construction and 12 m for other an existing or proposed road 

  • 10% of the minimum open space rate for the total area 

  • The residential plot size should be a minimum of 300 sq m 

  • Commercial buildings should be a minimum of 18 sq m 

As most of the plots listed under GP are agricultural lands, these are located mostly on the outskirts of the city. In addition, to convert agricultural land into a residential one, a conversion fee is to be paid to the government.  

Understanding HMDA plots 

The HMDA Approved Plots For Sale In Hyderabad are spread around Hyderabad, guaranteeing infrastructure development. A few of the protocols imposed while buying  HMDA approved plots are: 

  • Buyers must check RERA registration and HMDA approval by visiting the official website of RERA 

  • Layout approval status must be verified by the buyer under the relevant section of RERA Act 2016 

  • If the plot or layout is registered on the official website TS-RERA, then relevant approvals must be present 

  • Under Sections 19 and 20, HMDA Act 2008, the approval and authorization of development should be provided for the new plot or project 

  • Investment in unauthorized layouts can be subjected to auction as per Section 23, HMDA Act 2008 

Major differences between GP plots and HMDA Approve Plots 

While the GP plots are subjected to the decisions of the state’s rural or Panchayat development authority, HMDA Approved Plots For Sale In Hyderabad falls under the jurisdiction of the HMDA. 

The conversion charges of a plot levied by the GP is 5% of the circle rate. Whereas in HMDA plots, Rs. 60 per sq m is charged as the conversion fee. You can check the land conversion rates from their official website. 

Both GP plots and HMDA-approved plots have their merits and drawbacks. Whichever you choose, we advise you to go through their legal formalities before finalizing a decision. You can also get in touch with us for expert guidance. At Property Advisor, we are your 24*7 partner in your house-hunting trail. Visit Property Advisor today and find the right match for your dream home.