Ideas for Traditional Self-Sustainable Green Forest in Your Home

People want to live in a sustainable way and in harmony with nature. However, it is not so difficult to adopt a permaculture system. In fact, it is a global phenomenon which is growing in the recent years.

If you do not have a backyard, a yard with a garden or even a garden on the balcony can be productive. Every little effort makes the difference and helps the planet, even serves to maintain your connection to nature. If you even have a small balcony, there is the possibility to take part in a planting some small trees and make your garden there.

Landscape designs and modern gardening more extensively offers a hundred great examples of natural landscape for gardens and outdoor patios.

Well, in order to create a beautiful and balanced landscape design, you must take into account all natural factors, such as geographical location, type of relief, substrate quality, climate, water, soil, vegetation, floristic composition and architectural structure are among others.

The size of the garden is dictated by the scale of the project.

You have to decide "how much permaculture" you want to incorporate into the design. This depends upon the size of the garden you want. If you want a traditional garden, you can do it with some Permaculture design features.

Running the task of building a garden from small and manageable pieces makes it much less difficult than it initially seems at first.

Once you have successfully completed your own Permaculture garden, you can look back and you will be glad to see that you made the effort.  Nothing reinforces knowledge as the practical application of it. We learn better by doing! Where there is a will, there is a way!

Do not wait for other to grow green environment, let's start from you. Your thought brings more change and creates a healthy friendly environment around you.

--Shailaja K