Guide to Buying a Property in Hyderabad

Guide to Buying a Property in Hyderabad

While buying a home for the first time in Hyderabad, it is vital to think through the factors such as price, location, amenities, and the return on investment. 

In conversations with your relatives and friends with whom you meet as a result of your work, you often notice some apprehension about the process of buying property in Hyderabad. Since for many, this is an unknown issue. 

In addition, buyers in Hyderabad breathe a sigh of relief upon learning that there is no place for fraud in a transaction of a property when the seller agrees to sell a property and sells it to a third in more favourable conditions. Once an offer is accepted and money is deposited, unless something resurfaces during the due diligence process, which results in the breach of the contract, you can be confident that the sale will continue. 

To clarify what exactly makes up the sales process below is a guide for the purchase of properties in Hyderabad. 

Guide for the Purchase of Properties in Hyderabad

Contract a Profesional Realtor

Hire a professional realtor, and it is an essential step to know the real estate market information. When buying a property, the right realtor will make the process easier. The right expert will make sure to put in your hands every piece of information at the beginning of your search and will guide you through every possible aspect of the process of buying a property.

Find a Suitable Home

Start your search. Prices are rising steadily and the property you can get today may not necessarily have a reasonable price tomorrow. Your Real estate adviser has access to the multiple property listing, and they will help to find a home that fit your criteria and lifestyle.  You can also complete your search through online you can see and compare properties about the price points and what you have in your budget. 


The other important step in buying a home is, to have the backing of financing if you need it. Before you begin your search for the property seriously, it is a good idea to obtain prior approval for a mortgage loan, in case you see something that pleases you. Without the conditioned consent of the credit institution to lend a certain amount, you would not be with certainty the first option of the seller in case there were several offers, and you really would not know for sure if you could even afford to buy the property, or get a mortgage loan.

Make an Offer

Once you have found the right property, read the entire notice of the seller, and prepare to act on it; The time has come to compose an offer, do this in a formal contract in which the specific requirements and specific terms of the buyer and the seller are presented. You have to submit all offers in writing from the beginning. Offers submitted in writing are usually considered more seriously because the terms are written. You have to wait for the perfect time and see what happens, or you can increase your offer with the hope of securing the property immediately.

Acceptance of Offer

The minute you learn that your offer has been accepted is listed as one of the most exciting moments in life. It is important to stay focused, as there are still many steps in the stage of due diligence that can uncover issues or problems on either side. After your offer is accepted, if you have not yet placed the guaranteed money, you are expected to do so when signing the contract. Depending on how the terms were specified in the contract, usually within the first days after the execution of the contract, you will put the remaining deposit for the property. Then, it is time to start checking the contingencies specified in your contract.


The purchase contract must be drawn up with all the details and signed by you. In many cases, buyers are asked to place a money in guarantee, which is a small amount of the deposit, to show that they are seriously interested in the purchase. Before making a contract, you have to check all the documents and inspect the house if it has any repairs or leakages. This helps you to avoid problems in the future.


You will attend the closing meeting with the formalization agent or real estate attorney. Everything will be discussed, and you will sign the documents, and your Realtor or lawyer will verify that everything is in order during the process. The funds will then be transferred from the escrow account, and you will receive your house keys. 

Are you interested in buying a house in Hyderabad? Then look at the below top areas having spacious properties with quality facilities at a fair price.

Hyderabad city is emerging as one of the commercial and residential suburbs with developing infrastructure. The city has become a favourite destination for many buyers due to affordable housing, RERA, GST, laying of CC roads, flyovers, foot overs, AC bus stop, etc.

Many reputed real estate builders are constructed residential properties, and some properties are on the verge of constructions in areas include Gachibowli, Kukatpally, Miyapur, and Kondapur in Hyderabad.

An individual can buy the best property in these locations below 80 lakhs with modern amenities include 24/7 security, swimming pool, gym centre, jogging track, water facility, landscaping, and so on for a comfortable and luxury stay.

Properties for sale in Hyderabad Top Areas


Gachibowli area is emerging as an investment destination for buyers, especially working professionals, due to easy commuting to IT hubs. The area is near to social and civic facilities makes the residents lead a comfortable life. Gachibowli is very near to famous IT companies and has wide and clean roads. Residents of the area can have easy access to all the areas of the city quick and safe. Apartments in Gachibowli that are available for sale below Rs.80 lakhs include Smondo, and it is a fully gated apartment project located near AIG Hospital. Families with small kids and elder parents can benefit from nearby service facility in any emergency need.


Kukatpally area preferred as one of the real estate destinations for more buyers due to secure connectivity to major landmarks such as supermarkets, shopping mall, schools, and workplaces. Kukatpally has spacious and luxurious properties for sale with serene surroundings. All the apartments are built with high-end facilities make you spend your leisure time with your friends and family in green surroundings. Apartments for sale in Kukatpally include Korkkanda Residency, Janani Residency, SDS Residency, Srinivasam, and Sai Anusha Residency.


Miyapur has become one of the best places in Hyderabad to own a home due to the arrival of the metro. The place has good connectivity to IT offices and other major areas in the city. The area has plenty of residential apartment flats for sale with modern facilities. The famous Schools, Colleges, Banks, Shopping Malls are located near the area. Properties for sale in Miyapur below 80 lakhs include  Sri Rangas Garden View, Sai Suraksha, Coconut Grove Phase 2, Platinum Pride, Sai Elina, and Sanjeev Reddy Residency.


Kondapur has burgeoned into one of the modern business hubs, and many software offices are situated in its vicinity.  The area is suitable for professionals working in IT-sector to dwell in. Kondapur has spacious and luxurious properties for sale with quality facilities at a reasonable price. The presence of all available facilities and IT hubs near the area attracting many people to buy a home in this area. Khyathi Nivas, Grace Elite Residency, Sri Sai Constructions, VR Residency, and Nilaya Aravali are the available properties for sale in Kondapur within your budget range.

Advantages of Buying a Home in Open Spaces

Nowadays many people are interested in buying a house in green surroundings and comfortable facilities where they can lead a happy life. Keeping this in view, many reputed builders are constructing plenty of residential properties with a spacious place, green environment, and quality facilities to suit the resident's lifestyle. Look at the below advantages of home in open spaces

Natural Light

The rooms are filled with light, and there are no barriers that hinder the entrance of it to the different corners of your home. We get much brighter and less depressive interiors. The entry of natural light into your house is the most significant source of well-being in it.

Greater Space

By eliminating corridors and distributors, we gain meters inside our homes, and this is one of the main advantages when it comes to enjoying a house with open spaces. The living-dining-kitchen that allows you to enjoy greater comfort with its spacious place, and you can eliminate the horrible feeling of narrowness in small spaces.


This is one of the biggest advantages of the free floor, and it allows us enormous freedom in the use of your house, there are no barriers or space or for your imagination. The freedom of movement of the interior furniture will allow you to configure a host of different uses adapted to your personal needs.

Natural Ventilation

It is much easier to ventilate your home if you remove the barriers that enclosed spaces entail. Cross ventilation is a source of health in your homes. Natural light into your home makes you enjoy the environment and feel refreshed. A house surrounded by green surroundings makes everyone feel healthy, and you can lead a peaceful life.


An open-plan house is perfect for inviting your friends to the house during festivals or for dinner. By not having barriers between the different rooms, you will be able to enjoy your friends at all times and do not lose anything. The spacious rooms allow you and your kids to play games and enjoy every moment.


It is very important not to have visual barriers and to be able to monitor the movements of the child at all times. So you can be cooking, or working with your computer quietly at home is easier to control what your children are doing. Another case would be that of wheelchair users, wherein these spaces have no obstacles to their movements, something that becomes a great advantage.


An open space in which you will be able to visualize the different uses and functions of your home will reflect what your personality is. This is something that can attract more to those with outgoing personalities who like to show others how they are and without hesitation, they will enjoy at ease with the design of these spaces.

Visit the portal, to get more information about the properties for sale in Hyderabad. You can log in and view the details of all properties for a selected area, or you can search from a range of prices that fits in your budget. The search results on the first page provide the details of the projects like price, location, and so on. Once you click a listing, you can see the photos, the details of the project, and contact no. of the builder. Property Advisers is a comprehensive portal that will provide information on a selected project accurately.

By: Shailaja K