HMDA Efforts to Strengthen the Land Pooling Scheme in Telangana

HMDA Efforts to Strengthen the Land Pooling Scheme in Telangana

Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) has introduced an enhanced land pooling scheme to facilitate planned developments in Hyderabad.

The scheme was proposed with an intention to share developed land with private owners. If landowners came together and handed over the land to the authority, it develops the land and allocates them a share in it. Accordingly, the HMDA developed land at Uppal Bhagat village near Nagole where every owner was given 1,000 square yards developed land for each acre.

Government Proposals to Boost the Land Pooling Scheme

The recently proposed land pooling scheme by HMDA has seen a mild response from the farmers. It has provided a plan for approximately 2,000 acres in three villages around Hyderabad, but only 100 acres received consent from Pratap Singaram village.

Experts estimate that landowners are showing less interest in the scheme because they do not find the deal profitable and believe that private developers would give a better deal than HMDA. For example, the scheme was announced a few months ago in the village of Mokila in Shankarpally mandal, but no owner came ahead.

The HMDA then announced the new 1575 acre plan in Pratap Singaram and Korremula, and another 456-acre scheme in the village of Mokila. The Metropolitan Authority modified the scheme and offered more developed land for landowners and the government at approximately 60:40, due to the tender response of farmers and landowners.

The scheme has been proposed on 750 acres in the village of Lemuru in of Kandukuru, close to Pharma City and the Dandu Malkapuram near Choutuppal where a textile park is being developed and Bogaram village in Keesara mandal. From 750 acres, it is expected that HMDA would get a response for 50% of the proposed land. According to official sources, Dandu Malkaram farmers have expressed their interest to allocate 170 acres, 60 acres in Lemuru and 100 acres in Bhogaram.

HMDA also offered 1,742 sq.yds developed land for each of their one-acre lands as per the new (GO 83). The landowners will not have to pay any charges for development of the land like roads, drainage facility, greenery, non-agricultural conversion fees, and change of land use which will be covered by the authority.

HMDA’s Revised Land Pooling Scheme 

The municipal government and the urban development department last month announced instructions on the developable area share between the landowner and developer from the earlier 50:50 ratio to 60:40 ratio. Officials said that the new directives are more favourable than previous property-sharing policies to the landowners.

Under village of Lemuru at Ranga Reddy district, more than 104 acres in survey numbers 482, 483, 485 to 488, and 494 to 496 are pursued, and in Bogaram village of Medhcal Malkajgiri district, 219 acres in survey numbers from 54 to 86 is part of the land pooling. Under Malkapur village of Yadadri Bhongir district, over 355 acres occupied survey numbers 618 to 639.

If there are disputes concerning the land title in the above survey numbers, any individual or agency can approach HMDA within 30 days. HMDA can enter into a planning agreement with the landowners if there are no complaints or arguments.

Approximately 40% of the land would be allocated for nalas and other basic facilities. The developed land is then shared between the landowner and HMDA in the 60:40 ratio.

With the enhanced land pooling scheme proposals by HMDA is expected to develop the city in a planned manner and strengthen the realty sector.

By: Shailaja K