HMRL plans to open a 4th arm of the Raidurg Metro Station

The T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited (L&TMRHL) recently announced the inauguration of Arm–B, the fourth arm of the Raidurg Metro Station.  

With the inauguration of this arm, the distribution of commuter movement would be further simplified, especially during peak hours. 

The Raidurg Metro Station is one of the busiest metro stations of the Hyderabad Metro Rail. 

It currently handles over 60,000 commuters on a daily basis, catering for a majority of the IT crowd. 

This new arm is equipped with a staircase and escalator for convenient movement of commuters. 

NVS Reddy, the Managing Director of HMRL, said, "With this now, the commuters would have an additional option to access the station conveniently and gain enhanced experience with Hyderabad Metro Rail." 

And KVB Reddy, the Managing Director & CEO of the L&TMRHL, said, "The new fourth arm of Raidurg Metro Station would help us in not only efficient handling of commuter movement but also enhance our operational efficiency and resource optimisation."