Myths that impede Home Buyers

Everyone needs to fight out numerous myths while buying a home. However, don't let any of them hinder your decision in any way.

Some of the myths about buying a home are:

Rent is cheaper

Paying for a month-to-month space that is not yours and that you only live in, is a decision that could weigh you over the years.

If you want to create a security and surety for your children, buying a house could be the first step and on the contrary, if your intention is otherwise, thinking about their future and trying to ensure it is a mere mirage.

Houses depreciate

Unlike in the case of a car, the price of your land will not depreciate with the time. In fact it is the other way around. You can witness the price of land doubles within few years.

Buying in presale is a risk

It is, if you do not make sure that your purchase is backed up and guaranteed. Hence it is advisable that you have knowledge of the plan, the dimensions with which your home is designed, the assurance that, once the pre-sale payment with a contract has been made, any legal claim could be possible in case the builder you choose remains wrong.

By: Shailaja K