The real estate trends and challenges in 2017

Diversification of squares, financing, and ideal spaces are some of the challenges faced by the new buyers. Hence developers are responsible to offer solutions to the above mentioned for their customers.

These are the points that housing developers should focus upon.

Listen to your buyers 

They need to build as per local needs and analyze the new family structures. They must choose municipalities with infrastructure and services.

Housing for rent

More rental developments are required in response to increasing labor mobility, not only within large cities but across the country.


The ideal size of interior spaces will depend upon the location of the home. An inhabitant of the megalopolis could require less square meters than the one who lives in middle cities.

In interior distribution

The proposal to offer more such type departments stands out, with each user personalizing their home.

"The important thing is not to give more built meters, but to give more value to family heritage and good design emphasized the quality of life that can be offered to people" opines an expert.

Diversification of individual credits

Three years ago, developers focused on operating subsidized products. Now the developer should operate Financial Services. This allows you to reach new buyers.

Diversification of places

Earlier the developers concentrated their production of housing in one or two cities.  Now they have to enter regions with potential for economic growth.

Now the number of sustainable and environmentally friendly projects is burgeoning with better management of land and water in urban areas. Also, the inclusion of eco-technologies allows buyers to access green mortgages.

By: Shailaja K