Hyderabad’s IT Positioned Stronger with Best Security & Flexibility

As an industrial hub and investment hotspot, Hyderabad has strengthened its position as one of the country's metros, expanding on the strong foundations of stability, security, and the protection of law and order. Indeed, Bengaluru's rising IT industry in this area is quickly becoming a challenge to its number one role in the sector.

The stable governance provided by the TRS, the absence of municipal difficulties, and other parameters such as infrastructure and progressive policies, has been the main factors in establishing a base for most IT majors who have come down on capital in the last six years. The fact that over the previous six years, the state has attracted Rs 2 lakh crore investment speaks volumes about the urban growth as a safe place for investors. 

IT Hub's Build Stronger Base in Hyderabad

In addition to direct investment by existing multinational corporations to extend their operations, approximately Rs 33,000 crore has been invested alone in the IT sector for IT parks. Some 23 percent were made by existing companies of the total Rs 2 lakh crore investments. In 2018-19, the IT sector saw a rise of 17.93% in Rs 1.28 lakh crore exports, with Telangana state representing approximately 11.6% of the IT exports from India.

Hyderabad employed more than 6 lakh strong IT employees and witnessed an increase of 7.2% in IT employment, leading to 20 more lakh jobs by indirect jobs. There are many people, particularly techies from other countries who have landed in the city to get employment and have decided to settle because of the pleasant atmosphere of the capital.

In terms of the largest surveillance system consisting of 5 lakh CCTV cameras, Hyderabad ranked 16th at the international level and first at a national level, with the total CCTVs in India accounting for about 65%.

The Hyderabad great achievement can be related to the State government's developmental policies, to its focus on the maintenance of law and order, and the citizen-friendly police force. They have the strongest law enforcement agency, with several citizen protection programs, with the support of society and NGOs, to achieve long-term and sustainable milestones from time to time. Not only the locals but also those who migrated from other parts of the country to Hyderabad, in particular women, appreciate this.

The police in Hyderabad, Cyberabad, and Rachakonda succeeded in preventing any attempt to disturb peace in Hyderabad in general and the IT corridor, through technology, along with social participation like the IT companies, employees, and people. Different initiatives such as the SHE teams, She Shuttle, police patrolling 24/7, the Hyderabad Police Command and Control Center along with various other ground initiatives have made it the safest and secure area for Hyderabad and particularly the IT corridor.

No major violations of safety or protection, whether with women's security, citizen security, or even cybersecurity, have taken place in the past six years since Telangana was formed. "It shows the faith in the safe environment in the city that people from every area of the country are keen to come to Hyderabad and make it their home. The police department is collaborating with the IT industry to ensure the protection and safety of its residents through various technical measures of monitoring and security.

By: Shailaja K