Hyderabad Markets Enforce Strict Measures On No Mask No Entry Rule

Hyderabad Markets Enforce Strict Measures On ‘No-Mask-No-Entry’ Rule

Shop owners and market associations in Hyderabad are leaving no stone unturned in enforcing strict mask protocols, as per media reports.  

The city's fruit and vegetable markets, badly affected by the first wave of Covid-19 pandemic, are now strictly complying with strict “no-mask-no-entry rule” — both for the protection of traders as well as for shoppers. 

City Markets Implements Compulsory Mask Rule 

Private security guards at the main entrance are only permitting those who are wearing face masks with the help of the police. Since a large number of people from different markets including farmers and sellers visit these markets, the market associations are keeping a close eye on the people entering the premises. 

The BR Ambedkar Market Yard in Secunderabad has displayed signboards, instructing people to wear masks.   

Officials are also sanitizing the shops in these markets in addition to the compulsory mask rule. They are also providing people with washbasins to wash their hands on a regular basis.  

Market Secretary L. Srinivas said that when Covid's cases began to grow in recent days, plans are made to enforce the rule of strict face masks within the market premises. 

In the popular Gaddiannaram market, which is well-known for selling different types of seasonal fruits and mangoes, the obligatory mask rule has also been enforced. In addition to private security guards, a police picket has been posted on the main entrance to make sure people who visit the market are wearing masks, said Praveen Reddy, Market Secretary. He added that the 96 sheds on the market are being regularly sanitized.

By: Shailaja K