Asset Protection Cell (APC) Bombarded with Complaints on Land Sharks

Asset Protection Cell (APC) Bombarded with Complaints on Land Sharks

It's not been so long since its inception but Asset Protection Cell (APC) is already bombarded with complaints about incessant attacks targeted by land sharks, devouring lakes, parks, and open spaces in the city of Secunderabad.

On receiving the barrage of complaints regarding the issue, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation quickly issued a probe into the complaints. It was also brought to the notice and consideration of GHMC that a decades-old lake at Malkajgiri too had been intruded upon by these Land Sharks. 

Though, authorities have launched an investigation into it, and are trying to figure out if the land encroached was illegally absorbed at Padma Rao Nagar in Secunderabad. 

In Secunderabad, more than 25 complaints have been lodged thus far with APC regarding this issue. Out of those 25, five are relevant to the water bodies at Alwal, Malkajgiri, and Gandhinagar, while the six are regarding GHMC parks and 14 are in regards to government lands. 

Sources reportedly said that on the receipt of the complaints, APC has intimated the concerned departments of GHMC such as irrigation, engineering, or town planning wing to name a few. 

The GHMC Official also said, "It's imperative for us to verify the authenticity of the complaint and this process of authentication and verification begins the very moment the complaint is lodged with us. If the complaint is found to be genuine then we order to conduct the detailed investigation and probe into the matter at hand. It also includes seeking a report on the alleged encroachment from the concerned authorities and departments. Once it's done, then we proceed further on account of the evidence and inspection reports collected and serve notice to the deemed offenders. After receiving their response subject to the inspection process, the director of the Vigilance and Enforcement wing (GHMC) sets out to take the required legal action against the offenders. " 

"That's how it works but the process is streamlined and proper redressal of the complaints is assured for each complainant."