Pending LRS Applications of 2015 to be Investigated in Telangana

Pending LRS Applications of 2015 to be Investigated in Telangana

The State has speeded up the disposal of thousands of pending Layout Regularisation Scheme (LRS) application forms, with an aim to finish it by December 2020.

Proposal to Examine Pending LRS Applications

A large amount of the applications were received by Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority, and Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation was people years ago purchased plots in unauthorized layouts that mushroomed in urban and semi-urban areas and got them registered. Under the LRS, the State has received many applications.

All the pending applications under the 2015 LRS schemes are now examined and disposed of under the present LRS scheme. In such cases, applicants whose applications are pending do not need to apply again, since all the underlying terms and conditions remain exactly the same.

By January 31, 2020, the government had previously issued orders to dispose of all pending LRS applications (received under the LRS scheme, 2015). However, the government has been informed that a number of applications are still pending.

GHMC, HMDA, the Kakatiya Urban Development Authority, the Director of Town and Country Planning, and the Commissioners of all ULBs have been allowed by the government to review and dispose of the pending applications in accordance with the new LRS 2020 rules. The pending applications must be cleared by December 31.