Telangana Govt Announced Agricultural Land Conversion Bill 2020

The State Legislative Assembly announced the Land Conversion Bill-2020 to simplify the process of converting agricultural lands to non-agricultural.

Land Conversion Bill 2020

The Assembly passed the Telangana Agricultural Land Conversion Bill-2020 for Non-Agricultural Purposes on October 13. Under section 47(A) of the current Act, the bill strips away the powers of revenue officials.

Introducing the bill, Vemula Prashanth Reddy, Minister of Legislative Affairs, said the amendments were planned to make the administration transparent and avoid irregularities. The government has only earned Rs 263 crore since 2016 due to undervaluation by revenue officials. 

With the new law, people may apply for conversion of their agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes through a Dharani portal. The amendments would ensure better coordination in the identification of agricultural land used for non-agricultural purposes between the panchayat raj, municipal administration, and revenue departments.

After citizens book a slot on the Dharani website, the applicant will be contacted by the Revenue Divisional Officer concerned and will complete the whole process, including land conversion, online entry, and issuance of a temporary e-passbook enabling land use for non-agricultural purposes. A permanent passbook will be delivered by mail to the applicant's residence.