Real Estate Ventures Must Be Approved by District Committee in Khammam

Real Estate Ventures Must Be Approved by District Committee in Khammam

District developers should be granted permission from the District Level Committee chaired by the District Collector to develop layouts and development projects. Shortly, the Town and Country Planning Directorate (DTCP), the urban planning and housing development agency's nodal agencies will not grant approval. 

Approvals Mandatory for Real Estate Developments 

This was uncovered by RV Karnan, the District Collector, and the real estate developers, who held a meeting here on Tuesday. He said the developers of SUDA-based ventures, Khammam Municipal Corporation or Gram Panchayats should obtain the district-level committee's permission to do so. 

Towards this effect, a Government Order (GO) to be issued shortly. The collector stated that a further meeting would be held with the real estate developers and owners of real estate companies to make them understand the rules and directives to be included in the GO. 

Karnan notified that without obtaining permission from the District Level Committee serious action would be taken against those developing companies. It would be illegal without the committee's approval to set up advertisement boards and arches at project sites and would demolish them, as well as taking action against the parties concerned. 

The development of real estate ventures near tank bunds was not permitted. Lands in the city, SUDA, and gram panchayat must be registered for the development of layouts and undertakings. The officials informed that the public that those who apply under the government guidelines will be granted a layout and venture permit within 21 days. 

Instructions were given against encroachment of government and ceiling land by developing ventures and added that all future permits for real estate undertaken by the district Level Committee alone should be issued and developers must receive permission.

By: Shailaja K