Sardar Mahal to be transformed into a tourist centre

The historical Sardar Mahal, located near Charminar, is soon turning into an art gallery and a heritage hotel. 

Under the supervision of the Quli Qutb Shah Urban Development Authority and the Municipal Administration Department, the monument is expected to be completed within a span of three months. 

Once completed, Sardar Mahal will serve as a tourist centre for visitors to the Charminar and Makkah Masjid. Repair work is approximately 60% complete. 

Officials have made plans to preserve Sardar Mahal, a European-style palace constructed by Nizam VI Mir Mahboob Ali Khan in 1900.

The Municipal Department also plans to establish the Kalakriti Art Gallery in Sardar Mahal.  

Once completed, the Sardar Mahal will significantly boost tourism in Hyderabad. 

It is expected to increase the number of visitors to these buildings and create a centre of tourist interest.  

In 1965, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) took ownership of Sardar Mahal due to outstanding property taxes.