Serilingampally Cleared of Unsanctioned Buildings

Serilingampally Cleared of Unsanctioned Buildings

Several establishments during this week have been taken down by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation planning team, in Serilingampally. The GHMC started their work on lands owned by the Gurukul Trust in Ayyappa Society, Madhapur, by bringing down 29 buildings that have been raised without permission.

Around 130 blocks of 30 buildings have been demolished since Monday by the planning officials of GHMC. The deconstruction started in areas such as Raghavendra Colony, Anjaiah Nagar, and Sriram Nagar of the Serilingampally zone, using gas-cutters and compressors.

It is to be noted that the planning team of the GHMC is not only focusing and tearing down the buildings that have been built without proper permission but also on the extra floors that are over the permitted limits.

The planning team has observed that builders have misused the lockdown time and have gone ahead with constructions without proper permissions. Hence, other places in the city, such as Kukatpally and Secunderabad are also being looked into, and any disallowed structures will be dragged down.

The GHMC advises the people of the city that they need to look into the building's legalities before making any purchase. Asking for certificates like occupancy allowed, construction details, building permits are essential before making a purchase. Severe legal actions will be taken if the proper documentation is not available. The property owners may have to pay higher property and water tax if found that the documents don't suffice the requirements.

As all the citizens would not be aware of the building requirements, information regarding the same can be found on the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation website for everyone to access.