SRDP Projects Await Migrants’ Return

SRDP Projects Await Migrants’ Return

Due to the lockdown set countrywide by the central government, owing to COVID-19, the majority of the migrant workers traveled back to their native places. Several projects of SRDP that have been initiated by the Ministry for Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA&UD), Telangana, have been placed on hold, due to the indefinite return of the migrant workers.

With no workers available, all the project deadlines have thrust further away. The government of Telangana is looking forward to the two significant projects between Nalgonda Crossroads - Owaisi junction and VST - Indira Park, which are being made out of steel and RCC deck slab cast.

Due to financial constraints, it usually takes a minimum of 3-4 months for the contractors to start the project, after receiving the work order. The contractors need to raise funds by getting in touch with banks or any private finance providers, to be able to complete the entire project. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, there’s an unavailability of workers and banks are reluctant to provide finances resulting in the ventures remaining untouched.

Manual intervention is a must; as modern technology is not yet advanced enough to carry out construction without the workers. In the past, the contractors barely ever faced an issue with the availability of workers, however, on account of COVID-19, the market has taken a 180-degree turn. It is now in favor of the workers than the contractors, unlike experienced before.

The workers from states such as Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal, etc. have a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of construction whereas, the local workers are hesitant to get their hands in this field. 

Most migrant workers have determined not to return to construction work as they would like to stay in their native towns and get into agriculture. However, the laborers who would like to come back are unable to do so because of natural calamities such as floods, lack of transportation, and state lockdowns.

It has been noted that several contractors and workers to have placed their hopes on the end of the agriculture season, which is likely to occur in the mid of August, for the laborers to return construction.