Telangana Government Made Aadhaar Details Compulsory for Property Registrations

Telangana Govt Made Aadhaar Details Compulsory for Property Registrations

The Government of Telangana has made Aadhaar card data compulsory to register and update online non-agriculture properties for purification of records and authentication.

Aadhaar Details Mandatory for Registrations

Almost three Lakhs (khatadars) did not provide their Aadhaar card information to the Government during the LRUP (Land Records Updation Program) which was taken up in 2017. Although some refuse to provide information about their adhaar, some khatadars still have no adhaar cards, in particular, NRIs because these Pattadar Passbooks (PPBs) were not issued until now by the revenue department.

Chief Minister KCR recently announced about the Dharani land web portal which will update all non-agriculture properties including houses, plots, flats and farmhouses in urban areas. Registration would take place on the basis of details on the website, on both agricultural and non - agricultural properties.

Mr Chepuri Venkateshwar Rao, President of Forum for Citizens, stated that many of land reports being corrected now as the revenue department incorrectly entered Aadhaar card numbers and names. Thousands of people approach Aadhaar centres every day for rectification in the urban areas. The Government should offer an opportunity to correct the information of Aadhaar in agricultural lands and collect other alternative documents while registering properties.

Now people are focusing on providing their Aadhaar numbers as they are related to property registrations. In the case of NRl properties, instead of Aadhaar numbers, the Government can issue orders which include passport numbers.

By: Shailaja K