Telangana Land Registrations to Commence From October 2020

Telangana Land Registrations to Commence From October 2020

The land registration process in the Telangana is expected to start in a structured way in the first week of October. 

Property Registrations to Start in October 

The state government is to enforce the new revenue law in an organized manner. It is all prepared to start the process with robustness following completion of all its exercises with the registrations are expected to begin for the next month. It was coordinating the information of all agricultural and non-agricultural lands, particularly land maps and updating the Dharani website.

The implementation of the revenue Act will be subject to new guidelines. In addition, at all zones of state tehsildars shall be fully trained on land registrations to complete the land market value editing exercise and to make the latest registration process-related software fully accessible. The experts in Sachivalaya said it's going to take some time in this context. Since registrations were suspended in the state for ten days concerning this officials declared that registration activities likely to start in the first week of this October.

Modernization of Registration Activity

A considerable amount of work needs to be done about the Registration Department, in particular, land market prices must be updated. To this effect, in Assembly, the Chief Minister KCR addressed on the revision of the Land Value Review. In this context, information on land markets prices from sub-registrars and revenue sources has been collected by the Government in the past.

Registers say, however, that due to lack of transparency concerning current principles and standards, the Government handed over the market value modification exercise to a third party. In the scope of simplification and rationalization, the Government is planning to revise market values and reduce them if appropriate. After six years of reviewing existing market prices, it is likely to increase by 100 to 300 percent, particularly in commercial areas, highways, houses, multi-storey buildings and complexes.

Allotment of Employment

The Government also concentrated on organizing the Registration Department. The Government plans to abolish low-income sub-registrar offices in the state and split some high-income sub-registrar offices in Hyderabad, Rangareddy and Medchal districts into two or three. In this context, up to 25 sub-registrar offices in rural areas can be removed and expanded in urban areas.

And plans to transfer the sub-registrars, as well as decided to modernize the system of document writers to the extent that registration activities would take place in every zone of the state. The opportunity should only be provided to those who pass the exams. It makes them hold accountable if any mistakes were made in the design of documents in future and to take action if necessary. It is gathering information of qualifications and experience of those who have already working in 141 state sub-registrar offices as writers of documents. Registration activities will commence simultaneously in October unless if unexpected decisions taken by the state government.

The registration of agricultural land by tehsildars will be needed as part of the new Revenue Act. Sub-registrars shall make registrations of non-agricultural lands, buildings, lands and other activities under the Department of Registrations. This involves a collaboration of land registers, agricultural, non-agricultural and government departments working on arranging them in the latest software on the Dharani website. For this training on land, registration will also be introduced for tehsildars. The Dharani website must also be updated before it expires in compliance with the new Revenue Act.

By: Shailaja K