Rainwater Harvesting Pits at Apartments in Telangana

Water is a vital natural resource and plays a significant role in every human life. In the last few years there have been water shortages in many parts of the city.  In order to address the water crisis in most areas, the government has initiated the construction of Rainwater harvesting pits at many apartments in Hyderabad.

Construction of RWH Pits

The development of Rainwater Harvest (RWH) pits in various complexes has decreased its dependency on water tankers in the city and the resulting rise in groundwater levels.

For example, in July, an increase of 4.30 meters in groundwater table was reported as a result of the construction, according to the Telangana Groundwater Department, a total of 7,167 rainwater harvesting reservoirs built-in 2019.

Water Board Initiatives

With the initiative of the water board under various programs in the city sufficient rainwater has been harvested. 

The water board built 4,575 RWH pits from 7,167, under the Jalam-Jeevam, Jala Bhagyam and WalC programmes, with the assistance of Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs). GHMC and civic bodies with the help of the water board are constructing the remaining 2,592 RWH pits.

These RWH pits have provided a volume of approximately 59,088 cubic metres, which can restore a total of 185 million gallons of rainwater per annum. 

However, the rainwater harvesting program can provide an independent water source in household water usage.

By: Shailaja K