13 Affordable and Innovative DIYs for New Apartment In Rainy Season

13 Affordable and Innovative DIY Tips for New Apartment in Rainy Season

In the monsoon season, rain falls heavily and can be harmful to homes, so it is essential that you prevent yourself with a series of actions and take preventive measures that help to conserve your property and thus avoid its deterioration.

It is during the monsoon month the percentage of humidity increases in apartments. So it becomes necessary to inspect the different elements of the home and recognize what are required changes or adjustments. Check walls, floors carefully and avoid accumulating dust. Stay informed about the communications that guide you about the weather. It is necessary to follow some DIY apartments hacks and not suffer from leaks or damage from moisture.

Here are some simple DIY decor ideas that will help you protect your home rainy season.


Keep Outdoor Clean

Keep outdoors spaces clean, as accumulated trash could cause the unhygienic environment. It is important to have the necessary tools to clean, sweep and clean accumulated dust. Use water absorbing mats in your house to maintain dryness. The dirt on the floor attracts insects into your home which results in harmful diseases. So clean your house to avoid unnecessary health issues.

Repair Roofs and Ceilings

Repair ceilings, replace loose tiles and broken ones. Also, clean the gutters so they do not collapse with the rains. Do this with the necessary care to avoid accidents and checking, in the case of roofs, that the structures are solid. Never place things on roofs such as loose sheets or other objects that could become a hazard if they fly off when there is rain in a strong wind. This could hurt other people.

Avoid Moisture

Check each area of your home and fix everything necessary to avoid moisture. It is important to take care of the roof. Waterproofing solutions should be applied, preferably it should be done in the hot season, or on a sunny day to avoid leaks.  Also use waterproofing on exterior walls, as it will repel water and prevent the penetration of moisture leaving a natural appearance.

Place Anti-Slip Textures

Place anti-slip textures or anti-slip tape on exterior steps to avoid accidents, it will always be a worthwhile option. Also, place handrails on the stairs. It helps you to avoid slipping when it rains continuously and when outdoors are wet especially during the rainy season.

Inspect Outdoors

Check if there are any big trees near your home to prevent them from falling during the rainy season. With this action, safety is provided and accidents are avoided. The garden also requires some care, especially if you have outdoor furniture.  Cover garden furniture that is made of wood. Moisture and sun affect the furniture creating damage. The idea is to give an extra hand of the protective product once a year before the rains or winter begins, as these lose their properties over time.

Examine Your Gardens

Remember that this time is the best time to fertilize. At this time plants require less watering, approximately every 10 days. Outside, care must be taken to water the garden when the days are not rainy, sometimes it stops raining for up to a week and most do not water. Take care of some plants in your garden because the excess of rain on their leaves can fill with fungi.

Save Energy

Save energy by sealing heating pipes, electrical insulation, motors, using a high-temperature silicone. Seal windows and check silicone-based seals and seals to see if they require repair or replacement. They will prevent leaks in both water and dust.


Windows are another necessary aspect to review. Keep the house ventilated, which frees the home from residual water after a storm. The windows and ventilators help to get better air in your house to keep the space dry and much more comfortable.

Check Electrical Installation

During this time you could use more electric light, it is recommended to change the bulbs to LED. It will help the household economy. Make sure everything is fine and in case of leaks turn off the electricity generators and contact a specialist.

Prevent Humidity

To avoid humidity, everything that produces it should be repaired, such as broken pipes, cracks in the wall, among others. Pay attention also to cabinets and places that accumulate moisture. The use of dehumidifiers is a good idea to decrease it. Do not dry clothes inside the house because it causes excess humidity in the environment.

Prevent Harmful Diseases

Check that the water does not rest because it could become a zone of mosquitoes, transmitters of diseases such as dengue. In the community where you live, organize frequent cleaning to prevent the garbage from clogging the trash.

Use Lace Curtains

In the rainy season, the clouds get dim the lightening, so heavy curtains of summer have no requirement hanging to the window. Take them off and go for lace or curtains which are comparatively lighter. They are easier to wash as well. If you do not wish to go for lace, you may choose translucent fabric such as georgette or chiffon.

Choose your Colors Wisely

Use bright colors to decorate your house and wear dark color clothes. Lighter shades tend to be difficult to clean so they are not the best thing during this season, things can get dirty too quickly. Keep the colors intact by adding a little salt in the washing machine when you are about to wash the clothes.

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By: Shailaja K