Home Maintenance Tips during the Monsoon Season

Home Maintenance Tips during the Monsoon Season

Monsoon season spans over four months starting from June to September in most places in India. Compared to heavy rains in the coastal cities such as Mumbai and Kochi, the monsoon season in Hyderabad is characterised by intermittent rainfall which gets heavy sometimes. If you are planning to renovate your house or construct a new house, it is best to complete it before the monsoon season starts in June.

Monsoon rain can also affect your house unless you have maintained it well. How? There could be leakages and water can seep into your house damaging the furniture, clothes, electrical appliances and other possessions.

Therefore, you must conduct a pre-monsoon check and fix the issues, if any.

Here are the tips that help to maintain your house during the monsoon season:

Repair any Leaks on the Roof

Before the monsoon starts, fix cracks in ceilings, and repair it if you want to avoid rainwater coming inside your house.

Some professionals take up the job of fixing these leaks and making the roof waterproof so that water does not seep in.

If water gets into the house, it not only causes damage to the walls but also destructs your personal property such as electric appliances, crockery, furniture, beds, and so on.

Check for Termites

Termites are a small, pale, soft-bodied insect that feed on wood. They are mostly found in places that are damp. During the monsoon season, the dampness in the walls can cause a termite attack affecting your furniture. Therefore, keep the cupboards well-ventilated and termite-free by using products that prevent termites.

If you have wooden flooring at home, you can wax the floor regularly so that it absorbs the moisture and prevents termite attacks.

Waterproof Paints

The exterior of your house will need to be resistant to sun, rain, and any other natural phenomenon. To protect your exteriors, you can use paints that are waterproof or specially made to act as a protective shield during the monsoons. You can save money that you may have to spend repainting your house if you choose the best quality exterior paints.

Electrical Safety

The electrical wiring and the grounding must be thoroughly checked to avoid electrical accidents at home. If there are electrical sockets near the windows, you must protect it from getting wet during the rainy season. Take additional care to ensure that your electrical appliances are safe to use especially during the monsoon season.

Avoid Rugs and Carpets at Home.

It is best to avoid heavy rugs and carpets during the monsoon season as they take time to dry and get wet easily.

Use doormats that are non-slippery at the main entrance so that you can wipe your feet before stepping into the house.

If you store anything in cardboard or paper, keep it above the ground so that it does not get wet easily.

You can use neem leaves inside the cupboard to keep the moisture away. While using neem leaves, place them under the newspaper on which you store your clothes.

Do not shut the windows. Keep it open to let air into the room.

These are some of the tips that you can care for during the monsoon season.

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By: Lotus Tech