Difference between Interior Design and Interior Decoration

Difference between Interior Design and Interior Decoration

What is Interior Design?

Interior design involves designing personalized spaces for you in your home. It starts with the blueprint of your home, and requires planning and creating captivating and beautiful functional designs. Therefore, interior design is as much an art as a science that brings character and adds to the aesthetic appeal of your house. It is almost always tailor-made for your home. Therefore, it is unique.

Interior designers are well-trained and typically hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in interior design.

What is interior Decoration?

Interior decoration involves beautifying your house by choosing furniture, deciding the color combination, or rearranging your furniture.

Interior decorator does not have the formal education to research, plan and execute the structural renovation (for example, kitchen or wardrobe design) that is done by an interior designer.

Interior decorator understands color, aesthetics, and can help you achieve the look that you want.

Why Should You Choose an Interior Designer?

  • You want a structural renovation of your kitchen, bedroom, wardrobes, and so on. They know how to modify the layout of a room to make it functional.
  • For example, an interior designer asks for the dimensions of your kitchen and designs as per the existing layout of the room.
  • You want an expert who not only understands the aesthetics but can also the technical details involved in the design.
  • It is not only a cosmetic uplift merely related to decor, color combinations, and minor changes in furniture.
  • You are confused with the different options available in the market. An interior designer understands your dilemma and simplifies the process.
  • They design from scratch by studying the dimensions, planning the space, and making structural changes to make it functional and attractive.
  • You want an expert who can execute and supervise the construction, interact with the vendors, electrician, carpenter, and so on.
  • You want to make structural changes such as changing windows, upgrading your kitchen, living room, bedroom wardrobes and redesigning children’s study room.
  • The interior designer curates the decor and helps you pick the right interiors for your home.
  • You lack the professional and technical expertise required to design your house.

You can save time and money by handing over the interior design project to a professional.

Interior designers decide what furniture to buy, what type of materials can you used, how to add lighting, decor, and mirrors to create the design that you have in your mind. They do all this within the budget you specify and within the area available.

While interior decorators can help you execute your vision of a dream home by buying furniture, curtains, painting the walls, using wallpapers, or decor. They are not structural designers, and as such, they cannot handle the technical stuff needed to design kitchens, wardrobes, and bathrooms.

The benefits of choosing an interior designer:

  • Save time and money
  • Avoid making costly mistakes
  • Quality-conscious
  • Before you meet an interior designer, plan and keep the following things ready:
  • Know the dimensions of every room. You can carry a blueprint of your plan.
  • Define what you want them to do? It is the scope of work such as storage space in the kitchen, create a study room for children, and personal space for your loved ones, and so on.
  • Next, you must disclose your budget. It will help the designer make plans that are achievable within the budget you specify.
  • Share your preferences such as the colors you like, the type of furniture you prefer, how much you want to personalize, and so on.

Important Questions to Ask Before Selecting an Interior Designer

  • The designer’s portfolio that is a testimony of his / her previous work.
  • How much is it expected to cost?
  • How long will it take?
  • Who is your go-to person in case of any post sales service requests?
  • What are the details of the process along with written timelines?
  • Are there any financing options?

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By: Lotus Tech