Creative Ideas to Use Mirrors in Your Home for a Stylish Interior Decor

Creative Ideas to Use Mirrors in Your Home for a Stylish Interior Decor

For a long time, mirrors have been used in the home decor. The antique mirrors in your ancestral home or the more stylish and sleek ones are equally appealing. Use mirrors in your home to get a classic or contemporary look.

Uses of mirrors:

  • Mirrors add to the aesthetic appeal and build a character to your room.

Use mirrors to emphasise and create a point of focus in your living room or foyer.  For example, large mirrors highlight the furniture or decor elements in your living room.

Smaller mirrors at eye level create an impact. Moreover, statement mirrors add character and glamour to the room.

If the room is huge, adding a mirror will give your eyes a point to rest. For example, place a mirror so that it reflects the accent wall. It makes your room a lot more intimate.

  • Mirrors are a must in your closet.

Apart from being utilatarian, mirrors in different sizes and shapes can create a personal space for you.

  • Use mirrors to accessorise your home.

A full-length mirror with beautiful frame transforms boring walls into something that is more interesting and appealing. When mirrors reflect interesting elements of your home, they bring in the required character and drama into your life.

  • Use mirrors to create space in your room.

Use large mirrors to expand the living area visually. The mirrors reflect the light in the room and create an illusion of space and add depth to a small room. By experimenting with mirrors, you can change the view of any space.

  • Availability of different kinds of mirrors 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to decorating with mirrors. Due to the availability of different kinds of mirrors, there are innumerable ways to decorate your home with mirrors. Choose the sizes and frames that work best for you after experimenting with it.

Mirrors can be used in different ways as follows:

Mirrors in your Bedroom:

Use mirrors to highlight the furniture or decor in your room. The trick is to place it about three to six inches above the elements you wish to emphasise.

You can also use many mirrors of different sizes and shapes to accentuate the walls of your room. It also helps you to create a visual interest that is not forgotten quickly.

Mirror in the living room:

Mirrors in your living room create an illusion of space in a small room. It is achieved by keeping a mirror opposite the window. As the mirror reflects the light from the window, it makes your living room look bigger, brighter, and airy than it is. As it reflects the beautiful view, it brings in positive energy into your home.

Another way to decorate your living room is by adding a slanting mirror in the corner of the room. An inclined mirror in the corner is useful when you don’t have space.

Mirror in the dining room:

Did you know that one of the trendiest ways to make your dining room stylish and Vastu compliant is by placing a mirrored wall that reflects the dining room?

Mirror on an Accent Wall:

Using mirrors on an accent wall (a wall designed to look different than the other walls in the room) elevates the space and makes it look distinct and beautiful.

Mirror near the entrance in the hallway:

Add mirrors to make your entry look dramatic. By choosing a mirror that is proportionate to the area, you can create a style statement as soon as someone enters your home.

Here are some Vastu tips for using mirrors in homes.

  • Place items that reflect light such as mirrors, wall clocks, glass showpieces only on the north or east walls.
  • Keep all the mirrors clean and remove stains, if any. The mirror should not show a distorted image of anyone standing in front of it. Do not keep any broken mirrors in your home.
  • A mirror should be hanged on a wall. It might break if the mirror leans forward.
  • Avoid keeping mirrors near the children’s study as they might get distracted.

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By: Lotus Tech