Top 9 DIY Tips -  This Summer Cool Your House Naturally
Top 9 DIY Tips -  This Summer Cool Your House Naturally 1

Top 9 DIY Tips - This Summer Cool Your House Naturally

When summer comes, the most normal thing is to turn on the air conditioning or take a hand of fans. Also, an era of large electricity costs due to the use of air conditioning. But if you want to be cool without the need to spend a lot, there are some tricks, they will allow you to refresh the whole house without problems.

Follow the below 9 simple tips to keep your house cool


Hermetic House

To keep your home cool this summer, you should plan that the cold air does not escape from the house.  The best thing is to seal all the cracks where the unwanted air leaks. For this, you have to pay special attention to windows and doors, to verify that they close properly. If not, there are several products that you can buy to achieve a hermetic closure of them.

Close the Blinds

Close the blinds of your home, so that sunlight does not enter your home. Also to illuminate warm air in the surroundings of your home, you must keep the blinds closed. This does not mean that you close them completely, but you must find the right point. The dim light in the rooms allows you to see and be in comfort. Closing the blinds during the day will create a thermal shield in your home that will not allow it to warm up.

Cool It at Night

The main thing is you have to know the right balance in the temperature of the house based on the outside temperature. During the night the temperature drops considerably, and it is the right time to cool the rooms and continue saving. For this, it is necessary to keep the windows open when it starts to cool throughout the night and close when the sun begins to warm. The cold night air will cool your house and keep it cool throughout the day. Do not forget to repeat this procedure every day.

Turn off your Appliances

Every appliance that you use must be plugged in, it heats up and exudes heat to your rooms. This happens with the hair dryer, the computer, among others. If you can avoid its use, it would be perfect so that the environment does not get hot.

Plant Trees

Another measure of saving energy in the home to cool it down is to plant trees in the front and backyard of your house. Although they take time to grow, you will see how soon the shadow will benefit you.

Avoid Lighting Lights

Although summer is synonymous with heat and that certainly bothers us all, the truth is that the arrival of this station also encourages us to enjoy many more hours of natural light so that we can save at home spending of light and that brings more temperature even though it does not look like it.  A good idea is the use of light bulbs and halogen lamps because they distribute light without projecting heat into the environment.

Maintain Spacious Place

To avoid the heat this summer, you have to keep your rooms spacious without any congestion. Remove unwanted furniture, books, newspapers and magazines from the room to make it more spacious and free. Replace all your synthetic drapes and thick woolly carpets to eliminate heat. Use thin rugs made from jute and hemp that make you feel free. Decorate your house with some plants and take a glass vessel to fill it with cold water and flowers or petals and place it at the corner or middle of your home. It makes you feel cool and refreshing.

Avoid the Use of Kitchens

It is not that you should entirely avoid using the kitchen, but you can cook without problems throughout the summer. The truth is that if you take advantage of the environment and prepare cold dishes such as salads or cold soups. It is better to make fresh meals during the day so that you do not require the use of the oven or heaters.

Wet the Terrace Floor

If you live in a house with a terrace, or you have the possibility to wet the floor without any problem with the neighbours, take advantage of the last hour of the afternoon to sprinkle some water on the floor of the entrance of the house and terrace. You will notice that little by little the environment is refreshed and at night you can rest a little more at bedtime. Also, remember to keep the windows open for the little cool that occurs at night or early in the day.

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By: Shailaja K