Best Vastu Tips To Bring Wealth, Health & Happiness In Your Home

Best Vastu Tips To Bring Wealth, Health & Happiness In Your Home

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science. It was widely used by our ancestors while constructing houses, designing interiors, planning furniture, and so on.

Rules are given in Vastu Shastra that helps you live harmoniously with nature. It will ensure that the builder, building, resident, and his natural environment are in sync.

Vastu Tips for a Plot are as follows:

  • A square or rectangular plot with roads on all four sides is considered to be the best suited for house construction. In a gated community apartment complex, you cannot determine the exact plot on which your house is built. Therefore, ensure that the building is built on a straight road running east-west or north-south direction. It must not be on a curved path.
  • If there is a lake or a large water body within the complex, the building should be to the southwest of the lake.

Vastu Shastra for Constructing a House are as follows:

There are different levels for the home. The southwest corner of the house is higher than the northeast corner. The west portion of the house should be higher than the east, and the southern part should be higher than the north.

The roof levels must follow the same rules as for floors. If the house has a gabled roof of tiles or tin sheets, the slope of the roof should be to the north or the east.

The main door can be on any side depending on the orientation of the plot. However, north, east or northeast is considered most suitable. The doors should always open inside the house or the room.  The hinges should be well-oiled so that they do not make any noise.

Place windows opposite to the doors as it improves air circulation and ventilation.

The main switches, electrical meters, and generators must be in the southeast corner of the building.

Water sources such as well, tubewell, water tank, and so on must be to the northeast corner of the house.

Garages must be in the southeast or northwest corner of the house. When you park a car in the garage, it should never face south.

The porch or portico must be in the north or east side of the building. And the slope of the porch should be to the north.

The septic tank must be in the west or northwest direction of the building. It should not touch the boundary wall.

The rainwater must flow to the northeast or north direction.

The Layout of the Rooms should be as per Vastu Rules:

  • Pooja room - Place the idols or photographs in the pooja room facing the west, and never facing north. The pooja room must have a threshold with a single door where the door is not to the front of the diety. Do not keep broken or disfigured idols in your pooja room. It is best if you don’t keep money and valuables in the pooja room.
  • Living room - Place the living room door facing east or west. It should not be to the southeast or southwest. Arrange the seating so that the head of the family or senior members should sit facing north or east and the guests should sit facing west or south. Arrange heavy furniture, cupboards and chandeliers in the southwest part of the room. And, the television, electrical and other electronic equipment should be in the southeast corner of the room.
  • Study room - Face north, east or northeast while studying. Store your books on a shelf that is kept on the south or western wall of the room. Computer and other electronic equipment must be in the south-east corner of the room.
  • Kitchen - Kitchen should be on the eastern wall. Place the stove on the southeast side so that you cook facing east. Microwave, baking oven and other electronic gadgets are in the southeast corner. And, washbasin is in the northeast corner. Place refrigerators and cabinets for storing food items in the northwest or west side of the room. The kitchen door must be in the north, east or west and never at the centre.
  • The utility room to keep the washing machine, ironing table and storage of linen and tools is next to the kitchen in the southeast corner of the house.
  • Bedroom - Place the bed so that when you sleep, your head is to the south or west direction. Keep the wardrobes against the southern or western wall. Reserve place on the northern or eastern wall for the dresser and mirror. Keep the television, air conditioners, and other electrical appliances in the southeast corner of the room. And, windows should be to the east or north. Keep jewellery and other valuables in a wardrobe placed in the south direction. And, petty cash for daily expenses must be kept in the north.
  • Dining room - Place a dining table to the centre, and on the southeast part of the room. The dining table should not face the main entrance or the toilets. Place the table so that it does not touch the wall. It is a rectangle, square with rounded corners or circle.

Vastu Tips for evaluating a house to buy are as follows:

The Directional Grid gives you the favourable directions for the location of every room.

It helps you plan the location of the room based on the rules. And, you can also check if the apartment or house you want to buy complies to the standards given. List the rooms, make a scorecard and evaluate it.

To evaluate the room, use the table given below:



                        Balcony or open terrace

                               North, East or Northeast

                        Drawing room/ Living room

                               North or East or Centre


                               Southeast or Northwest

                           Master Bedroom

                               Southwest or South

                          Children’s Bedroom

                               West or South

                          Guest Bedroom



                                Next to the kitchen

                             Puja or Study room



                                West or South


                            Southwest, South or West

Importance of Vastu:

Why is Vastu important?

Vastu is essential as it is an ancient Indian science of architecture. Our ancestors built houses based on the rules given in the Vastu Shastra. The rules governed the construction traditions in ancient India.

As it is based on the five elements of nature such as fire, water, air, earth, and sky, it helps you live in harmony with nature.

The directional grid as per the Vastu Shastra is widely accepted and followed today.

Experts in Vastu Shastra can help answer your queries.

Therefore, it is firmly believed that by following the various rules given in the Vastu Shastra, one can lead a happy and joyful life.

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