Best Vastu Tips to Follow for a Perfect Entrance of your Home

the main door entrance is one of the most critical decisions you make while building or buying a house. apart from being aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, it should also be unique.

the factors you must consider before deciding the main door are as follows:

  • the main door must be at a distance of one-fourth of the length of the building on that side.

stand outside the house and face the front of the house. divide the front facade into two parts. place the main door to the centre, either in the left or right half, based on the direction the house faces.

  1. if it is east-facing, then the main door must be towards the northeast. and, if you have windows on either side of the doors, there is enough sunlight entering your house. it is also airy and well-ventilated.
  2. if it is a south-facing house, the main door must be in the right-half that is in the southeast direction. as the southern or western wall of the house gets more sunlight during the day, a main door in the south-west brings in harmful rays of the sun into the home.
  3. if it is a west-facing house, the main door must be in the northwest direction.
  4. if it is a north-facing house, the main door must be in the northeast direction.
  • the main door should not be in the centre of the building.
  • a plain wall must not be immediately behind the main door.
  • the entrance of two houses must not be exactly opposite to each other.
  • the dining table is not in front of the main entrance.
  • there should not be obstacles in the way of your main entrance door.
  • the main door must be at 90 degrees and must open inside the house.
  • the main door should not make a creaking noise. the noise indicates loose hinges. if the hinges are well-lubricated or oiled, they won’t make the noise.
  • the size of the different doors and windows in the house must be similar.  and, their shape must be consistent and proportionate. structurally, if the shape is rectangular, it is considered to be more stable.
  • the main door must be bigger than the other doors.
  • there must be a threshold made of wood or marble for the main entrance door.
  • ensure the main door is not circular, slanted, or sliding door.
  • ensure there are no cracks on the doors as they can weaken the doors.
  • don’t place a mirror opposite to the main door.

the main door is usually made of teak wood or any other wood such as honne. however, wood from coconut, peepal, flowering plants, and so on are not used for the main door.

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by: lotus tech