Important Key Factors to Keep in Mind Buying a Flat

Important Key Factors to Keep in Mind Buying a Flat | Property Adviser
09:32 AM 06 Dec 2018

If you are familiar with Vastu Shastra, you will check if the flat you are buying complies to the rules given by Vastu Shastra.

Therefore, you must check if the factors given below are fulfilled before you can finalise the flat:

  1. The layout of the plot
  2. An orientation of the flat
  3. The layout of the flat
  4. Common Walls
  5. The layout of the house

The plots that meet the conditions given below are considered to be excellent for building a house:

  • A rectangular or square plot with road on all four sides.
  • A plot between two roads with roads in the east and west direction.
  • A plot that has roads on three sides.

However, if you want to buy a flat in a large residential complex, it is impossible to determine the exact plot on which the flat is built.

And, the tube wells, pump house, septic tank, drainage, parking, and so on are also applicable to the entire building and not just for your flat.

Therefore, choose the flat in a building that is not on a curved road, and the building is either in the east-west or north-south direction.

If there is a large water body within the complex, the building should be in the south-west direction of the water body.

The other key factors to look out for are as follows:

  • Utilization of the plot on which the apartment is built:

You must check if the building satisfies the following conditions:

  1. There is more open space in the north and east than in the south and west direction.
  2. The water source such as well, tube well and underground water tank is in the north-east direction of the building.
  3. The garage is in the south-east or north-west corner.
  4. The porch is in the north-east side of the building.
  5. The septic tank is in the west or north-west direction.
  6. The rainwater or any excess water must flow to the north, north-east, or west.
  7. Lawns, gardens and swimming pool are in the north, east or north-east direction.
  8. Plant trees in the west or south side of the plot.
  9. The height of the guardroom near the gate is less than 7 ft.
  • The layout of the rooms

The layout of the rooms must satisfy the requirements as per the directional grid of Vastu Shastra.

List of requirements are as follows:



                            Master Bedroom

                                   Southwest / South

                    Living Room/ Drawing Room

                                     North / East


                          South-east / Northwest


                             Next to Kitchen

                            Balcony / terrace

                       North / East / Northeast


                              West / South


                      Southwest / South / West

                     Pooja room / Study Room


                     Children’s Bedroom

                              West / South

                    Guest Bedroom


However, you can reject the flat if any of the following conditions are satisfied as it is unacceptable as per Vastu Shastra:

  • The boundary walls are not parallel to the cardinal directions.
  • The boundary walls are at an angle of more than 15 degrees to the cardinal directions.
  • The plot is oddly-shaped.
  • There is no north-east corner in the L-shaped plot.
  • The plot doesn’t have a 90 degrees south-west corner.
  • A plot with a single road to the west.
  • The shape of the flat is irregular.
  • If there are projections in the north-west and south-west directions.
  • If the toilet is in the north-east corner.
  • If the guest bedroom, children’s bedroom, or servant’s room is in the south-west direction.

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By: Lotus Tech